Psychoanalyst salary

  • Psychoanalyst’s salary is around $70,000 in the United States. There are different types of illnesses that could affect the body. Some of these are physical in nature while the others may be considered a dysfunctions in other areas such as social or emotional disturbances. In an attempt to treat patients suffering from hysterical or neurotic symptoms, Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, came up with a practice called psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is based on the theory that the influences affecting the behaviour and the feelings of a person are often buried in the subconscious. The practice of psychoanalysis will help a person bring into the conscious state these thoughts so that the patient is able to work on the real cause of the problem. Psychoanalysis is not exclusive to a certain job. This can be practiced by psychologists, medical doctors, psychotherapists, mental health counsellors, and even social workers. Depending on specific job designation, psychoanalyst salary may higher or lower. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that psychologists are earning a median income of $69,280 per year or an average wage of $33.31 an hour while psychiatrists are earning $177,520 a year or $85.35 an hour. Keep reading for more information about psychoanalyst salary and career requirements.

  • Psychoanalyst job description

    Psychoanalysts are professionals who make use of the theories of psychoanalysis in treating patients or helping individuals. The practice of psychoanalysis is observed in several professions such as medical doctors, health practitioners, and even social workers. Psychoanalysis was developed by Sigmund Freud to help his patients who were exhibiting neurological and hysterical symptoms, conditions that are difficult to treat with common medical procedures. It works with the subconscious, bringing into the conscious state the things that may be bothering a person on a subconscious level. In order to make this possible, psychoanalysts have counselling sessions with patients. Patients suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, self-harm, lack of self-confidence, loss, addiction and emotional difficulties can benefit with psychoanalysis sessions. Other duties may include keeping a record of patient’s progress, listening to patients, providing support to patients who need extra encouragement, and conferring with supervisors.

    How much does a psychoanalyst make ?

    Average psychoanalyst salary

    Psychologists are earning an average rate of $69,280 per annum or $33.31 an hour while psychiatrists are taking home an average salary of $177,520 per year or $85.35 per hour according to BLS. These are two of the most popular professions that use psychoanalysis.

    Psychoanalyst salary in USA

    Psychoanalyst comes from different professions and salary should be taken in accordance to specific designation. Since there are a number of jobs that may use the practice of psychoanalysis, only a few of these would be mentioned. Some of these are psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

    Indeed says that the average psychoanalyst salary in the US is $31,000 per annum. However, this may not reflect other jobs practicing psychoanalysis. Taking into account specific jobs, clinical psychologists are earning a median income of $68,453 according to PayScale where salaries ranged from $42,507 to $126,902, inclusive of bonuses of $10,037 and profit sharing of $-0.50 to $5,128. The same website also claims that psychotherapists are earning $47,842 a year on the average where total pay rates are from $35,699 to $162,002 that include bonuses of $2,047 and profit sharing of $29.48 to $1,028. In comparison, psychiatrists earn a lot more where median pay rate is said to be at $168,291 in a year. Total pay rates on the other hand is anywhere from $94,248 to $258,195 after adding bonuses of $27,493 and profit sharing of $19,866 to basic salary. As you can see, psychoanalyst salary could be higher for depending in educational attainment or specific type of job.

    Salary by state

    Taking into account Indeed’s data, these are the average psychoanalyst salary in some of the states in the US: California at $34,000; Texas at $30,000; Florida at $29,000; Virginia at $31,000; Massachusetts at $37,000; Tennessee at $29,000; Pennsylvania at $30,000; Illinois at $35,000; Colorado at $28,000; Kentucky at $26,000; New Jersey at $34,000; Alabama at $31,000; Alaska at $24,000; Utah at $24,000; New York at $38,000; Louisiana at $27,000; Arkansas at $30,000; Arizona at $26,000; Missouri at $31,000: Ohio at $30,000; Georgia at $36,0000; and Minnesota at $27,000.

    Psychoanalyst salary in Canada claims that the average psychoanalyst salary in Canada is from CA$46,000 to CA$50,000 per annum. In PayScale, clinical psychologists have a median salary of CA$68,745, computed from the salaries that ranged from CA$43,882 to CA$98,697. These could still increase to the rates of CA$48,667 to CA$201,310 if you add bonuses of C$10,033. Psychotherapists are earning a bit less with the average salary of CA$58,373. Salary for this job is anywhere from CA$35,545 to CA$168,708, inclusive of bonuses of CA$4,966. Psychiatrists have better salaries compared to previously mentioned jobs. This could give you an average salary of CA$150,549 in a year. Expected salary could fall in between the rates of $42,755 and C$363,845 that may include bonuses valued at CA$48,479.

    Psychoanalyst salary in UK

    MySalary reports that the average psychoanalyst salary in UK is £41,503. Psychotherapists, a job that covers the practice of psychoanalysis, are being paid with the rates of £21,388 to £27,901 as trainees in the National Health Service as indicated in Prospects. This too mentioned that once qualified, a psychotherapist could be able to earn as much as £35,000 for up to £47,000 annually. Rates may vary in accordance to experience with private practitioners able to charge as much as £100 for an hour of counselling session.

    Psychoanalyst salary in Australia

    In Australia, clinical psychologists are being paid with basic salaries of AU$42,313 to AU$98,898 where median rate is said to be at AU$69,079 a year as reported by PayScale. With the inclusion of bonuses that could be as high as AU$9,874, total take home pay could be within that rates of AU$45,370 and AU$124,776. Psychiatrists on the other hand are earning AU$144,520 on the average. Basic salary ranged from AU$73,974 to AU$241,902. After adding bonuses that could be valued at AU$50,507, you could be able to earn from AU$77,887 to AU$308,516 in a year.

    Psychoanalyst salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, psychoanalyst salary could be reflected in some of these professions. Clinical psychologists are expected to earn in between the rates of R123,076 and R695,000 according to PayScale. These rates are the combination of basic wages of R116,594 to R494,764 and other cash benefits like bonuses of R924 to R59,392. The website also mentioned that median pay rate is R240,727 for this job. Being a child psychologist seems to be a more profitable job in this country. PayScale says that the average income earned for this profession is R300,000 a year where basic salary is from R152,605 to R353,749. After including bonuses of R0.00 to R30,000, total earnings are now from R105,422 to as much as R113,141,427 per annum.

    Psychoanalyst salary in New Zealand

    Psychoanalyst salary in New Zealand can best be shown through the practice of psychiatry and psychology. CareersNZ says that psychiatrists working as registrars for a district health board could expect to start earning with the rates of NZ$70,000 to NZ$175,000 per annum. Once qualified, earnings will increase to as much as NZ$150,000 to NZ$206,000. Potential income for those working in private practice can be much higher with top earners able to earn as much as NZ$600,000 in a year. This website has a separate entry for psychologists where it says that newbies will be earning NZ$61,000 to NZ$64,000 in a year. Those who have been in the industry for more than ten years are earning in between the rates of NZ$65,000 and NZ$97,000. This could still increase to as much as NZ$120,000 if one is able to enter into a senior management position.

    Psychoanalyst salary in India

    In India, here are some of the pay rates received by people who may be practicing psychoanalysis. Psychologists have a median pay rate of Rs 237,287 a year where total pay is from Rs 61,825 to Rs 620,808. One of its specific practice, clinical psychology, will let you earn from Rs 116,119 to Rs 866,691 that may include bonuses of Rs 1,000 to Rs 90,000. If you want better wages, choosing to become a psychiatrist will let you earn an average pay of Rs 596,652 where you could expect to earn a total pay-out of Rs 234,891 to Rs 1,237,866.

    How to become a psychoanalyst

    If you want to become a psychoanalyst, you should first take up a master’s course in psychoanalysis. You will only be allowed to take a master’s course after obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Psychoanalysts come from different educational backgrounds. There are several courses you could take in order to prepare for a master’s degree in psychoanalysis. Some of these are law, medicine, and engineering. A master’s degree in psychoanalysis will include courses like psychoanalytic theory, fundamentals of Freud, clinical assessment, neurophysiology, psychopathology, and field externship. After completing this, you then need to enter into a doctoral program in order to practice as a psychoanalyst. A doctor’s degree is recommended to those who wish to pursue a career in the field of education and research. Alternatively, a certificate program in psychoanalysis will pave way for a career in clinical practice. Obtaining a doctoral degree will often follow certification afterwards but additional requirements may be imposed depending on your state.

    Conclusion about psychoanalyst salary

    Psychoanalysis is practiced in several specific types of jobs such as psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. Its aim is to help the patient cope with emotional and mental disturbances though counselling sessions. Aside from clinical applications, its study could also open up opportunities in the fields of education and research. Psychoanalyst salary in a mean income of $31,000 per annum according to Indeed but this may not necessarily reflect the collective salary of all those practicing psychoanalysis.

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