Pharmacist salary

  • Pharmacist’s salary is ranging from $77,761 to $133,177  per annum in the United States.  Pharmacist’s  salary increases overtime as pharmacist gains more experience.  Pharmacist working in the US with less than 1 year of experience collects an average salary  between $49,660 and $117,962 per annum while a pharmacist practicing for 1 to 5 years of experience receives an average salary from  $61,118 -to $127,708 per annum. Keep reading for more information about pharmacist salary, job description and career requirements.

  • Pharmacists often work in retail pharmacy stores and hospitals, giving assistance to people who are in need of medicines. They help patients by giving them briefs regarding the things that are written in prescriptions if these could not be easily understood. While it’s already understood that one must be able to memorize all the medicines carried by the store, a pharmacist’s role goes beyond that. They will be communicating with different people in everyday transaction and thus qualities like patience and good communication skills are essential in this type of job. Other needed qualities are attention to detail to avoid possible mix-up of medicines and outstanding knowledge on the pharmacology of medicines. Job Outlook for this job has been predicted very positive by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook found in their website, there will be a growth of 25% from 2010 to 2020. Average pharmacist salary in 2010 is $111,570 annually or $53.64 an hour, considered high compared to other types of jobs.

    Pharmacist job description

    A pharmacist has a wide array of jobs. Pharmacist runs the operation of a pharmacy from employment and overseeing of the staff, executing managerial tasks to purchasing and marketing of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical merchandise. Pharmacist also dispenses prescriptions, assesses the authenticity and potency of drugs, reviews the prescriptions, makes the drug information available to the consumers and keeps a running and updated record of the pharmacy, patient’s profiles, inventories, account registry files and other pertinent records.  All these duties affects final amount of pharmacist’s salary

    Being a pharmacist can be tricky at times. You will most likely be able to run into someone who makes a fake prescription. This is usually done by users of controlled drugs. It is the job of the pharmacist to identify if the prescription being offered is genuine or not. The job of a pharmacists could be minimal or extensive depending on level of responsibility that was given by management or the scope of a certain job description, for example, while clinical pharmacists mostly work in healthcare and hospital settings, their work may not necessarily include dispensing related drugs. Someone who stays inside a pharmacy on the other hand is expected to do this. This person will dispense drugs and will also determine if the ones being issued could cause complications when used together with certain medicines. Because drugs are expected to have a new addition with each new discovery, pharmacists are expected to update their knowledge to be at par with market trends. If there are new pharmacists or trainees on board, senior pharmacists are expected to oversee their work until the time that they are able to function on their own. Since the trade in selling drugs is just like any type of businesses that is only expected to prosper with marketing efforts, the pharmacist may be forced to partake in these types of activities to ensure that sales will keep on coming in to the store, further increasing pharmacist salary expectations.

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    How much does a Pharmacist make a year ?

    Average pharmacist salary

    Average pharmacist’s salary  in the United States is $111,686 per year. The average hourly rate for pharmacist is from  $29.48 to $64.29 per hour. The average yearly bonus is around $964. Pharmacist salary is starting on average amount of 60, 000 USD.

    The annual average pharmacist salary in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $111,570. This is equal to the hourly rate of $53.64. The organization predicts that the number of employees for this type of job from 2010 to 2020 will increase by 25%, where 68,700 new jobs will be created.

    Average pharmacist in US,UK or Canada
    average pharmacist salary in USA

    Pharmacist salary in USA

    Based on payscale percentage, the median yearly salary for 10% of pharmacists has been around $78,000 per year. The 25% of them receive $98,000; 50% of them receive around $110,000, while the 75% received more than $120,000 per year in past.

    Based on years of work experience according to payscale, an average hourly wage and yearly salary for a pharmacist is as follows: One with less than 1 year work experience earns around $49,660 – $117,962 per year and an hourly wage of $29.48 – $58.05 ; one with 1 to 4 years of work experience earns from $39.43 – $61.09 per hour and $51,515 – $122,976 per annum; one with 5 to 9 years earns from $47.45 – $63.48 per hour and $61,118 – $127,708 per annum; and one with 10-19 years of experience receives between $46.72 – $64.29 per hour and $90,028 – $131,051 per annum; and one with more than 20 years of work experience earns  between $47.00 and $64.29 per hour and $92,904 – $139,133 per annum.

    pharmacist salary around the world
    pharmacist salary

    Wikipedia’s data revealed that most of those who graduated with a pharmacy degree have a high percentage of ending up working in a retail store, giving an estimated value of 65%. While this may be so, a small part are expected to become their own entrepreneurs while 25% are expected to work in hospital and health settings, businesses engaged in online retail or bulk where examples of these are online pharmacies, and for the Federal government. In the United States, a pharmacist position will mandate you to at least have passed the North American Pharmacies Licensure Examination or the NAPLEX.

    While Indeed does have a record of $60,000 for average pharmacist salary in the United States, this amount seems not reliable if you will be basing this with the amount declared by BLS which is $111,570. If you’ll look at the data gathered in PayScale, you would see that this is more reliable with the median wage close with BLS data. PayScale reports this to be at $112,620. While pharmacist salary could start at the rate of $81,371, this could possibly increase to as much as $133,331 with more years rendered in the industry. In order to compare salaries depending on experience, here are the salary rates recorded in PayScale. Having just entered to the profession with only less than a year of experience will give you a pharmacist salary of $51,409 to $120,103. While the increase is not considered outrageous compared to the jumps made in other types of professions, at least increase in pharmacist salary is being imposed as you spend more time on work. Those with 1 to 4 years are receiving salaries from $51,166 to $123,667. Staying true to the industry for 5 to 9 years more will give you rates of $72,414 to $130,039. Having rendered 10 to 19 years of work will increase compensation rates to $89,280 for up to $132,338 and doing this for 20 years or more will give you best rates of is $95,685 to $138,483.

    Pharmacist salary by state

    Based BLS and Payscale data, the best paid pharmacist works in New york, New Jersey, California, Washington, Rhode Island, Virgin Islands, Montana and Mississippi. Pharmacist salary in these states is around 134 000 USD. The worst paying states are Nevada, Nebraska, Louisiana, Alaska, Colorado and Maine with average pharmacist salary of 98 000 USD.

    In BLS, states that are said to be paying the highest salaries for pharmacists are Alaska, Maine, California, Vermont and Delaware where average salaries are $129,170, $128,030, $125,800, $125,520, and $121,830 respectively. In PayScale, however, the highest recorded pharmacist salary came from California where rates ranged from $49,713 to $139,451. Other states have the following pharmacist salary rates: Texas is $68,103 to $128,779; Florida is $79,163 to $126,405; New York is $50,253 to $126,589; Pennsylvania is $72,251 to $122,283; North Carolina is $67,871 to $130,986; and Ohio is $80,537 to $124,557.

    pharmacist salary by state and city in USA
    pharmacist salary by state

    Clinical pharmacist salary

    Clinical Pharmacist in the US receives an average of $91,541 – $132,237 per annum. 10% of Clinical Pharmacists in the US collects around $92,000, 50% of all pharmacists take home $110,339 and 90% of all pharmacists receive around $120,000 per annum.

    Clinical pharmacists in the Unites States are earning a basic pharmacist salary of $89,075 to $128,738. These rates could even increase further to $92,031 for up to $131,927 if cash benefits on the side are added such as bonuses valued at $5,187 and profit sharing of $1,179 to $4,112. Other benefits and perks could include the likes if 401(k), paid holidays and sick leave, 403(b), life insurance, liability insurance and reimbursement son training and education. Pharmacist salary according to experience are as follows: less than 1 year is from $70,469 to $107,659; 1 to 4 years is from $85,724 to $119,081; 5 to 9 years is from $93,176 to $129,167; 10 to 19 years is from $98,346 to $139,704; and 20 years or more is from $95,701 to $133,881. The highest pharmacist salary was earned in Massachusetts were the state recorded salaries ranging from $89,396 to $151,701. The lowest on the other hand was recorded in California with rates of $83,000 to $146,973.

    Pharmacist salary in UK

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of a pharmacist is from 23,724 – £50,979The median average salary of pharmacist is around £37,517. The average salary of pharmacist on number of work experience is as follows. Pharmacist with less than a year of experience collects from  £17,940 to £39,753, those with 1 to 4 years of experience earn from  £22,223 to £43,488 per year while those with 5 to 9 years of practice collect an average from  £23,583 -to£51,690 per annum.  UK Pharmacist practicing 10-19 years takes home from  £24,647 – £54,412 and those practicing for more than 20 years or more receive an annual pay from  £28,824 – £58,065. The top yearly bonus and profit sharing for pharmacist is £4,015 and £3,000 respectively.

    Pharmacists in the United Kingdom accepted in the National Health Service are seen working in hospital pharmacies, community pharmacies or primary care trusts. They are allowed to further their job function to include having the power to prescribe specific medicines by taking up specific trainings. The term “Pharmacist” is often equated to “dispending chemist” if you are using the British language. PayScale’s websites recorded basic pharmacist salary ranged from £22,710 to £48,246. These rates could easily increase further to £23,762 for up to £51,167 if you will be adding other types of cash benefits like bonuses of £4,072 and profit sharing rates of £983. While the website did not display salaries according to years of experience, it does have data for entry-level and mid-level pharmacists, both of which greatly imply that pay will increase with tenure. Entry-level pharmacist salary ranges from £21,437 to £45,837 while mid-level pharmacist salary is from £28,530 to £54,298.

    Pharmacist salary in Canada

    In Canada, the average pay for pharmacist is from C$62,645 to C$118,042 while the  pharmacist’s average salary receives C$95,349 per annum..

    The hourly rate for pharmacist based on number of years of experience in Canada is as follows: less than 1 year C$34.69 – C$56.44; 1 to 4 years C$35.39 – C$54.41; 5 to 9 years C$34.50 – C$52.91; 10-19 years C$39.91 – C$56.03 and with more than 20 years of work experience, C$40.35 – C$59.84 per hour.

    While specific requirements regarding the entry to the pharmacy job will be different depending on area where one wishes to practice, it is generally required that all candidates should at least have taken up Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. The regulating body for Canada for this profession, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, will conduct the examinations for licensure. If one wishes to broaden his or her experience, then entering into internship or apprenticeship programs will help you achieve this. In Canada, community pharmacies are looked upon as the sector providing the most jobs for pharmacists.

    Data found on the WowJobs website points out the median pharmacist salary in Canada is CA$83,188. This is slightly higher is PayScale where the website recorded an average salary of CA$93,284 for all types of pharmacists. Pharmacists who responded to survey claimed that they were receiving basic salaries of CA$40,490 to CA$107,310. However, when other cash benefits like bonuses of CA$8,877 and profit sharing valued from CA$250.00 to CA$20,500 were added to basic pay, rates of pharmacist salary increases to CA$60,695 to as much as CA$115,875. Living In Canada on the other hand says that pharmacies in general should expect to bring home salaries valued anywhere from CA$85,000 to CA$95,000. Living in Alberta could mean better wages with the area having recorded the highest hourly pharmacist salary of $46.12 while one is advised not to practice in Montreal, Quebec were rates are lowest at $37.20. As you can see average pharmacist salary in USA is 20% higher than pharmacist salary in Canada.

    Pharmacist salary in Australia

    Pharmacist in Australia receives average salary  between  AU$46,793 and AU$91,416. The average salary of pharmacist collects around AU$68,296 per annum. The 10% take home around AU$ 47,000, the 25% collect around AU$68,000, the 75% receive around AU$80,000 and the 90% collects around AU$91,000.

    Choosing to enter into a pharmacy profession in Australia may not be the best move with current market trends. In the recent years, instead of increases, compensation rates for pharmacists have stagnated and in other times, there were even rollbacks. Even looking for a job may prove difficult for the new pharmacy graduates. You will see a great difference in pay scale if you compare these to the rates followed in the US. The median pharmacist salary in Australia is somewhere near AU$68,000 according to PayScale. Although cash bonuses of AU$3,477 could be awarded to a pharmacist, rates are still low at AU$49,051 to AU$87,186. Expect to earn hourly pharmacist salary of AU$24.45 to AU$40.39 while overtime pay will be paid from as low as AU$0.00 to as high as AU$60.28.

    Pharmacist salary in South Africa

    Pharmacist living and working in South Africa receives average salary between  R197, 535 to R542,836.  Average pharmacist’s  salary is around R$386,181 per annum. The 10% of pharmacist take home around R200,000, the 25% collect around R270,000, the 75% receive around R450,000 and the 90% collect around R$540,000.

    If you are in South Africa, annual pharmacist salary rates will be from R205,780 to R566,727 according to PayScale. The website calculated median annual salary rate to be at R397,672. Expect to have higher salaries as you gain more experience. The website says that pharmacists with 1 to 4 years of experience have rates ranging from R174,524 to R490,217 while those considered veteran in this career, having 20 years of experience under their belt have rates from R236,283 to R598,020.

    Pharmacist salary in India

    Pharmacist working in India receives a salary ranging from  Rs 72,275 to Rs 561,707. The median salary of pharmacist is around Rs165, 976 per annum. The 10 percent takes home around Rs72, 000, the 25 percent collect around Rs170, 000, the 75 percent receives around Rs260, 000 and the 90 percent collect around Rs560, 000.

    India pharmacists could be earning basic pay rates of Rs 72,361 up to Rs 593,917 as shown in PayScale. The average salary recorded by the website is Rs 174,198. Total pay, which is basic pay plus other types of cash benefits could increase pharmacist salary packages to Rs 73,517 to Rs 654,359. Examples of these types of benefits are bonuses that could be valued at Rs 50,507 and profit sharing with rates of Rs 4,000 to Rs 65,000.

    Pharmacist salary in New Zealand

    Pharmacist working in New Zealand receives a average salary ranging from NZ$40,547 to NZ$94,564. The median average of all pharmacists collects around NZ$64,273 per annum. The 10th percentile of pharmacists take home around NZ$41,000, the 25th percentile of pharmacists collect around NZ$55,000, the 75th percentile receives around NZ$79,000 and the 90th percentile of all pharmacists collect around NZ$95,000.

    PayScale says that pharmacist salary in New Zealand could be as low as NZ$44,062 or as high as NZ$88,575, where these rates are already inclusive of other cash benefits like bonuses valued as much as NZ$1,021. PayScale further stated that the average salary for pharmacists in this area is NZ$65,675 where one could expect to earn hourly wages ranging from NZ$28.45 to NZ$41.93. If you have been in the industry for 2 to 4 years, expect your hourly rates to fall between NZ$28.72 and NZ$33.97. This will increase as you gain even more experience, with those who have rendered 20 years or more receiving hourly pharmacist salary rates of NZ$34.39 to NZ$40.22.

    Oncology pharmacist salary

    Salary of oncology pharmacist in the United States of America is ranging from 89,000 USD to up to 145,000 USD. These pharmacist are highly skilled professionals on the field of oncology medication.

    How to become a pharmacist

    Doctor of Pharmacy degree is the pre-requisite to become a pharmacist. Pharmacists must take two examinations to obtain a license. These two examinations are designed to test the aspiring pharmacists for skills and knowledge on pharmacy laws. The website of American Pharmacists Association has all the necessary information to become a licensed accredited pharmacist. Read also about pharmacy technician salary.

    Educational requirements will differ based on where you plan to take Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D). This course will be the least requirement if one wishes to be dubbed a pharmacist. While some schools do accept applicants with 2 to 3 years of undergraduate study related to postsecondary courses like biology, chemistry and anatomy, some schools are stricter, requiring applicants to have completed a bachelor’s degree. After having passed these initial requirements, then the school will conduct a Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) afterwards. Pharm.D. students are required to attend school for at least four years although there are equivalent programs that can be taken in three years’ time. Make sure that you only choose schools that have been accredited. Depending on the job path taken by the candidate, this person may choose to study further for a field of specialization. Examples of these are a master’s degree in business administration for candidates who plan to have their own pharmacy retail store and residency of 1 to 2 years if one is vying for a more advanced position. Another example is public health. In order to be accepted in this type of profession, you should take the licensure exam conducted in your state. Requirements for these will differ depending on the regulatory body of your state. Most of these have two-part examination, one is to measure aptitude and knowledge in pharmacy while the other will see how well-versed you are about pharmacy laws followed in the jurisdiction of practice.

    Conclusion about pharmacist salary

    In the United States, pharmacist’s  salary ranges from  $77,761 to $133,177.  When check pharmacist salary data of european countries, here is one example: Pharmacist working in UK collect from £23,724 to £50,979; in Canada pharmacists earn from C$62,645 to C$118,042; in Australia average pharmacist salary ranges  from  AU$46,793 to AU$91,416; in South Africa, R197, 535 – R542,836; in India, Rs 72,275 – Rs 561,707 and in New Zealand, pharmacist receives salary between NZ$40,547 and NZ$94,564 per annum. This makes pharmacist salary much higher than pharmacy technician salary. Best paid pharmacist are oncology pharmacists and nuclear pharmacists.

    BLS’ may have hinted that entering into this type of job is profitable if you are in the United States with median pharmacist salary recorded at $111,570. While growth of 25% may be promising for this country, rates in your area may vary depending on many factors. For example, while pharmacist salary are not considered overly desirable in Australia, this may not be true for other locations such as the US. Studying the trend in your area will help you gauge if it’s profitable for you to enter into this type of profession.

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