PA salary

  • PA’s salary (physician assistant salary) is around $95,000 in the United States. Those who are working as PAs in the US are earning an average income of $94,350 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This job provides assistance to physicians and surgeons who may be working in different areas of practice. A bachelor’s degree in a science related course plus a certificate in PA program are the minimum educational requirements for this job. Those who would like to work in a specific field will need to get corresponding training in said area of practice. Keep reading for more information about PA salary and career requirements.

  • PA job description

    PAs are professionals who provide support to physicians or doctors. Their duties and responsibilities vary depending on the state they are working in and the sector where they practice. They could find jobs in all sectors of medicine such as psychiatry, dermatology and emergency medicine. Most of their tasks will be centered in their specific area of practice. For example, someone who is working in surgery may be allowed to pre and post-operative care for patients such as stitching surgical wounds while someone in pediatrics may be allowed to administer injections. Some physician assistants, especially in healthcare settings where a doctor is not present 24 hours a day may be permitted to provide primary care provided that scope of practice is in accordance with the law.

    How much does a PA make a year ?

    Average PA salary

    According to BLS, the average PA salary in the US is $94,350 a year or an equivalent wage rate of $45.36 an hour. The bottom earners belonging to the lower 10% are earning salaries less than $62,030 while the top 10% are able to bring home earnings more than the rate of $130,620. Employment rate for this job is expected to increase by 38% from 2012 to 2022.

    PA salary in USA

    BLS says that PA is earning $94,350 annually on the average. Indeed recorded an average salary of $66,000 per annum.’s data shows a median PA salary of $92,787 which is close to BLS estimate. This website further claimed that the bottom earners are making less than $78,062 while the top earners are receiving salaries more than $110,032 in a year. In PayScale, the median salary recorded is $81,794 a year or an equivalent wage of $43 an hour. Regular hours are being paid from $33.37 to $58.69 while overtime rates are from $32.39 to $81.91. Survey respondents in this website also claimed to have received basic salaries of $64,659 to $103,639. Total pay rates could be somewhere in between the rates of $66,788 and $114,204, inclusive of bonuses of $12,304, profit sharing of $958 to $13,209 and commissions that could be valued at $23,489. Total cash earned in different experience levels are as follows: entry-level at $62,990 to $102,308; mid-career at $71,276 to $119,472; experienced at $74,651 to $127,073; and late-career at $76,529 to $132,215.

    Salary of PA by state

    These are the top paying states according to BLS: Rhode Island at $110,600; Nevada at $106,470; New Hampshire at $106,350; New Jersey at $106,330; and Washington at $106,190. These are the pay rates offered to PAs in some cities as shown in PayScale: Atlanta, Georgia at $64,559 to $105,872; Baltimore, Maryland at $73,042 to $115,486; Boston, Massachusetts at $70,460 to $115,499; Chicago, Illinois at $68,403 to $105,693; Dallas, Texas at $71,139 to $123,299; Denver, Colorado at $60,168 to $112,975; Houston, Texas at $67,689 to $115,836; Los Angeles, California at $70,507 to $125,182; New York, New York at $69,252 to $116,744; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at $68,020 to $110,907; Phoenix, Arizona at $70,142 to $117,811; and Seattle, Washington at $75,281 to $126,734.

    PA salary in Canada

    WowJobs shows an average PA salary of CA$58,371 for Canada. PayScale in comparison recorded a median salary of CA$78,003 or a wage rate of CA$20 an hour. You may be able to receive CA$14.49 to CA$48.48 for regular hours rendered in the job. Basic salaries could be somewhere from CA$39,018 to CA$98,079 on a yearly basis. Adding other cash benefits such as bonuses as high as CA$9,787 would allow you to have a total take home pay of CA$34,620 to CA$100,807.

    PA salary in UK

    PA in UK is now called physician associate. According to SalaryExplorer, this job would let you have an average salary of £1,850 a month. The average pay recorded in PayScale on the other hand is £24,272 a year or an equivalent rate of £10 an hour. Your regular hours will be paid from £8.69 to £14.40 while extra hours rendered are valued at £13.25 to £21.00. You may be allowed to receive basic salaries of £16,506 to £35,570 a year. Rates could further increase to as much as £16,806 to £36,022 if you include other cash perks like bonuses of £3,523.

    PA salary in Australia

    According to a report written for HealthWorkforce Australia, PA in Queensland was given salary ranging from AU$95,294 to AU$105,255 a year. The recommended rule of thumb is that PAs should be paid 50% of the salary rate of the physician they are working for. It is estimated that salaries of PAs fall in between the rates of AU$70,000 and AU$110,000 per annum, with some suggesting that pay rate should be less than that of a registrar. A health services union drafted that PA should be paid somewhere from AU$97,800 to AU$113,700 plus remote area allowances of AU$1,500 to AU$5,800 a year.

    PA salary in South Africa

    South Africa PA may be receiving basic salaries of R37,095 to R302,012 according to PayScale. Total income received could be in between the rates of R45,376 to R310,939 that may already include bonuses of R9.70 to R13,454.

    PA salary in New Zealand

    There are current no data available for the PA assistant salary in New Zealand. Just like Australia, this is considered a fairly new idea to this country. In 2012, two US physicians demonstrated that PAs are highly valuable in increasing the productivity of the team. However, this was received with skepticism. While there are now recommended studies on the probable training of PAs in this country that will run until 2015, it remains to be seen if this job will become a permanent addition to the healthcare team.

    PA salary in India

    Physician Assistants in India have a medina pay rate of Rs 241,609 a year where basic salaries are said to be anywhere from Rs 95,000 to Rs 589,581. Additional cash benefits like bonuses of Rs 30,201 could allow you to earn a total of Rs 95,000 to Rs 607,687 per annum.

    PA starting salary

    Those who are just starting out as PAs may have a median salary of $78,155 a year says BLS. Basic salaries could fall in between the rates of $61,577 to $95,424. One may be allowed to receive other cash benefits in the form of bonuses of $10,177, profit sharing of $499.17 to $11,589 and commissions of $21,000. If you add all cash earned, all of these could give you a total rate of $62,990 to $102,308.

    PA salary by specialty

    A survey in 2012 conducted by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) showed that PAs working in urgent care earned the most, recording average PA salary of $132,727 per annum. Those working in dermatology department followed next with the rate of $129,466. Other fields of specialization recorded these rates: emergency medicine at $116,779; cardiothoracic surgery at $113,596; neurosurgery at $111,981; orthopedic surgery at $111,717; OB/Gyn at $79,104; Neurology $90,131; and gastroenterology at $91,258.

    Surgical PA salary

    Indeed says that surgical assistants have a median pay of $62,000 in a year. on the other hand says that surgical PAs have a median pay of $97,431 per annum where the lower 10% recorded salaries less than $68,792 while the 90th percentile exceeded the rate of $121,929 annually.

    Orthopedic PA salary

    The average orthopedic PA salary in US is $88,927 a year as seen in PayScale. They are receiving basic salaries of $72,214 to $116,620 in a year. Other cash benefits may be given and these may be in the form of bonuses of $15,474 and profit sharing of $1,150 to $15,000. Total cash earnings could be from $73,113 to $123,200.

    Dermatology PA salary

    MGMA says that dermatology PAs have an average salary of $126,466 per annum. This has been recorded as the second highest paying specialty for PAs. Indeed says that this job could let you have an average pay of $40,000 a year.

    PA assistant salary

    PA Assistant salary could any anywhere from $62,030 to $130,620 according to BLS. Indeed say that on the average, you could be earning a salary of $66,000 a year. Certain fields of specialization may allow you to earn better salaries. According to MGMA, the highest salaries were recorded by those who worked in urgent care where they averaged a rate of $132,727 on an annual basis.

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    How to become a PA

    Someone who wants to work as a PA should acquire a degree related to science. After completing this, the next step is to enter into a physician assistant program where you will be given a mixture of classroom orientation, laboratory and practical training. Some of these courses are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or a certificate training. A two-year graduate PA program is also offered in some schools which could be equivalent to a Master’s degree. In order to practice in a certain field, additional training is needed. Before you can be allowed to work as a PA, you will need to get certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA) as a Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C). You will need to have 100 hours of continuing education every 2 years in order to keep certification and will need to take a recertification exam after every 6 years.

    Conclusion about PA salary

    Those who like to work in the field of medicine but do not want to study just as long as a doctor would have the option to still do so and work as a PA. According to studies conducted in New Zealand, medical teams who worked with PAs showed that they were able to perform better compared to those who were devoid of the PAs. In the US, salary earned in this job ranged from $62,030 to $130,620 according to BLS. PA salary is above average.

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