Orthotist salary

  • Orthotist salary starts around $38,000 per annum in USA. After just more than a year, an Orthotist can receive a minimum pay per year of around 46,000. The hourly rate of Orthotist ranges from $15.72 to $26.23 with a yearly bonus ranging from $225 to $1,000. Keep reading for more info about orthotist salary and education.

  • Orthotist job description

    Orthotist takes care of people with immobilizing conditions of spine and limbs by preparing and providing suitable orthopaedic braces, in consultation with and supervision of physicians. They help in devising the design of braces. They examine and evaluate the needs of patients in connection with functional loss wrought by a disease. They create orthopedic designs and choose the materials model modifications, layout and make measurement for casts. They also educate the patients on how to utilize orthopedic braces and keep the records of patients. Othotist may oversee the orthotist assistant and the support staff. They may also supervise the endeavour of other orthotists in the improvement of orthoaedic braces and may hold lectures and demonstrations of orthotist functions and innovations to colleagues and other orthotists. Some orthotists may take part in research and may function as prosthetist and may hold the dual role of an orthotist-prosthetist.

    How much does an Orthotist make ?

    Average orthotist salary

    Orthotics collects a yearly income ranging from $38,331 to $77,987. The median salary is around $59,173. The top paying orthotist receives an annual bonus of around $123,000.

    Orthotist salary in USA

    In USA, ten percent of orthotists takes home an annual pay of around $38,000; twenty five percent of them take home around $49,000; the median collects around $59,000; seventy five percent receives around $69,000 and the ninety percent makes around $78,000. The national hourly rate for orthotist ranges from $15.72 to $26.23.

    Orthotist’s yearly pay by years of experience is as follows: an orthotist working for 1 to 4 years collects an annual pay from $46,000 to $67,249. One practicing for 5 to 9 years from $44,621 to $60,505; an orthotist working for 10 to 19 years earns from $62,400 to $102,000 and one with 20 years or more of experience takes home from $62,400 to $71.010.

    The pay per year for orthotist by benefit or perk is as follows: 401(k), from $41,494 to $76,948; paid holidays and vacation, from $49,491 to $123,291; paid sick leave, from $60,505 to $76,302; education, training and certification reimbursement, from $58,326 to 76,302; life insurance and disability, from $58,958 to $80,373 and cell phone, from $40,232 to $71,226.

    Orthotist working in Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics Incorporated receives from $42,268 to $71,889. The National Salary Date for orthotist certified by American Board Certified orthotist (ABC orthotist) ranges from $45,615 to $7,920.

    orthotist salary in US, UK, Canada
    orthotist salary

    Orthotist salary in Australia

    Orthotist in Australia takes home yearly pay ranging from AU$50,472 – AU$77,857. Twenty five percent of orthotist in Australia receives around AU$50,000; fifty percent collects around AU$68,000 and seventy five percent receives around AU$78,000.

    How to become an orthotist

    The first step on becoming an orthotist is to prepare for your career as one while in High School Since an orthotist deals with computation and science, you need to focus on high school math and science. It is because an orthotist measures, designs and fits inserts on shoes to fix the deformities or any problems of the feet of the patients. Additionally, you need to emphasize anatomy, biology, physics and chemistry. The second step is to complete a bachelor’s degree in orthotics. It is common for most accredited schools to offer orthotics as one of their majors. Learn to assess the feet of patients to the appropriate appliance. You need also to learn about designing and building appliance and fitting and making adjustments the satisfaction of the patient. Finish a residency in a clinic, private clinic, hospital or any health facilities. You need to work under the scrutiny of a qualified orthotist to expand your knowledge in measuring, designing and fitting shoes and limb support. The last step is to be certified by the national Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic education (NCOPE).

    Conclusion on Orthotist Salary

    The annual salary for orthotists in United States according to Payscale ranges from $38,331 to $77,987 with the median receiving around $59,000. The top earning orthotist in US receives around $123,291. In Australia, orthotist receives a yearly pay ranging from AU$50,472 – AU$77,857 with fifty percent of orthotists taking home around AU$68,000.

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