Orthoptist salary

  • Orthoptist’s salary is around $60,000 in the United States. The practice of orthoptics is centered in the detection, care and treatment of eye disorders such as glaucoma and lazy eye. In order to practice in this field, you will need to get a bachelor’s degree and enter into a fellowship program. This job could allow you to earn an average salary of $60,000 a year according to Indeed. Keep reading for more information about orthoptist salary and career requirements.

  • Orthoptist job description

    Orthoptists are healthcare professionals who are concerned in the treatment of certain eye conditions that may affect both the young and the old. They commonly diagnose patients to determine causes of eye problems and then later come up with corresponding treatment. Some of the conditions treated by orthoptists are amblyopia (lazy eye), squinting, poor vision, glaucoma and may also work with diabetic, stroke and brain injury patients who are suffering from eye problems.

    How much does an orthoptist make ?

    Average orthoptist salary

    Orthoptist is earning an average salary of $60,000 per annum according to Indeed.com. Compare this data with optician’s salary or ophthalmologist‘s salary around the world.

    Orthoptist salary in USA

    In the US, Indeed reports an average salary of $60,000 for individuals working as orthoptists. Salarylist on the other hand says that median salary earned for this career is $54,080 a year where the lowest salary could be $20,000 while the highest is $92,664. In PayScale, the median salary shown is $63,213. Basic salaries recorded ranged from $58,555 to $64,341 while total pay rates could be somewhere in between the rates of $47,643 and $86,165.

    Orthoptist salary by state 

    Indeed showed these average rates for some states in the US: California at $64,000; New York at $72,000; Florida at $56,000; Minnesota at $52,000; Washington, DC at $74,000; Texas at $58,000; and Pennsylvania at $57,000.

    Orthoptist salary in Canada

    WowJobs reports an average salary of CA$62,958 a year for orthoptist practicing in Canada. Advisor4u on the other hand claims that this may be a lot lower, with the website having estimated an average salary of CA$10,100 a year.

    Orthoptist salary in UK

    Prospects says that newbies working for the NHS start earning with the rate of £21,176. Lead orthoptists in comparison are earning significantly higher salaries ranging from £30,460 to £80,810, rates of which are subject to the size of department being handled. Those who are working within London area may be paid additional allowances.

    Orthoptist salary in Australia

    Open Universities Australia says that optometrists and orthoptists in this country are earning an average salary of AU$78,000 per annum. The average starting salary is AU$60,000 while senior employees recorded a mean salary of AU$104,000 a year. This website also claims that the top three regions which could allow you employment are Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

    Orthoptist salary in South Africa

    Optometry, a discipline that is closely related to orthoptics will let you earn a median salary of R190,056 a year in South Africa according to PayScale. One may be offered to receive basic salaries of R119,913 to R295,620. Including cash benefits like bonuses of R23,025 and profit sharing of R15,722 will let you have a total pay of R121,753 to R307,426.

    Orthoptist salary in New Zealand

    Advisor4u show a mean salary of NZ$7,200 for orthoptist in New Zealand. CareersNZ says the optometrists are earning a salary of NZ$60,000 a year in their first year. Once they earn an experience of 2 to 5 years, salary could now increase to the rates of NZ$80,000 to NZ$120,000 per annum.

    Orthoptist salary in India

    While there is no data for orthoptist salary for India in PayScale, it does say that the average income earned by optometrists in this country is Rs 203,825 where one may be able to have basic salaries of Rs 88,321 to Rs 374,362. Total pay ranges from Rs 96,951 to Rs 430,051, inclusive of bonuses of Rs 487.22 to Rs 24,342, profit sharing of 101,018, and commissions of Rs 6,000 to Rs 135,000.

    How to become an orthoptist

    A certificate or an associate degree that will transpire for 1 to 2 years of study will allow you to work as an ophthalmic assistant. Orthoptic fellowship that lasts for 24 months usually consists of classroom and clinical education. For those who want to work later on as an orthoptist, you may need to earn a medical science related degree in order to be qualified for the fellowship program. After which, you will then need to get certified through the American Orthoptic Council where you are expected to pass an oral and practical skills tests.

    Conclusion about orthoptist salary

    With an orthoptist job, you may be able to earn a total pay rate of $47,643 and $86,165 in the United States. You salary may be higher if you work in certain locations such as in UK where orthoptists working within the vicinity of London are awarded additional allowances. This job requires a degree and entering into a fellowship program. Orthoptist salary is above average.

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