OR nurse salary

  • OR nurse’s salary (operation room nurse salary) is around $65,000 in the United States. There are many reasons why people need to be in the surgery room. This could have been brought about by cancer, accidents or other types of illnesses. A major surgical procedure could never be done by just one employee. With each minute that ticks inside the operating room, the patient becomes vulnerable to certain complications that could be brought about by his internal organs being exposed. It is important that doctors perform these procedures not juts accurately but also in a timely manner so that the patient could have his or her rest the soonest time possible. Work inside the operating room is made even more efficient with the help of OR nurse. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that registered nurses are earning an average salary of $67,930 per annum or an equivalent rate of $32.66 an hour in May 2012. Keep reading for more information about OR nurse salary and career requirements.

  • OR nurse job description

    An OR nurse is also called a surgical nurse or a perioperative nurse. Their main task is to provide aid to the surgeon in the operating room. However, the job of an OR nurse is not limited to this. Before the start of any surgical procedure, the OR nurse may need to confer first with the patient or the patient’s family, explaining the procedure that will be conducted, including the possible risks that may come along with this. It is crucial that the operating room and all the instruments that will be used inside the operating room are sterile to prevent any type of infection. The OR nurse is in charge of this, making sure that all instruments and other needed paraphernalia are present inside the OR before the surgery. During the procedure itself, the OR nurse is part of the surgical team, handing tools to the doctor and caring for the patient such as when this needs to be covered with a blanket. After the operation, the OR nurse is expected to monitor the vital signs of the patient and administer medications as per doctor’s order.

    How much does an OR nurse make?

    Average OR nurse salary

    Nurses in the US are earning an average wage of $67,930 per year or $32.66 an hour in May 2012 according to BLS. The lower 10% are making less than $45,040 a year while those on the top are able to make more than the rate of $94,720.

    OR nurse salary in USA

    Salary.com shows an average OR nurse salary of $68,947 in the United States. The least earners are only able to bring home wages less than $55,825 while the top earners reported to have wages more than the rate or $82,895. As you can see, these rates somewhat reflect the report of BLS for registered nurses. The Association of Operative Registered Nurses conducted its own survey in 2012 that singled out OR nurses. The survey showed that the average OR nurse salary for those employed in facilities with less than 10 operating rooms is $65,100 per annum. Those who work in large facilities that have more than 10 operating rooms reported a mean wage of $67,800 annually. The average rate for high-level managers in smaller facilities is $99,100 a year while those in large facilities have a rate of $128,900. Check also emergency room physician salary.

    PayScale calculated a median OR nurse salary of $63,989 for US. Salaries ranged from $46,669 to $89,552 that may already include cash incentives like bonuses of $1,195 and profit sharing of $168.00 to $4,913. Regular pay are from $22.16 to $40.57 an hour while overtime pay is anywhere from $25.99 to $61.69. This only means that you can increase your take home pay even further if you choose to work longer hours. You can easily see the difference in salary for entry-level OR nurses compared to senior employees as shown in this scale: less than a year will give you OR nurse salary rates of $32,500 to $76,340 per annum or $18.06 to $31.85 per hour; 1 to 4 years is from $39,221 to $76,144 per year or $20.64 to $34.35 an hour; 5 to 9 years is from $43,276 to $78,702 per annum or $22.57 to $39.11 per hour; 10 to 19 years is from $49,080 to $87,139 per annum or $24.96 to $42.39 an hour; and 20 years or more will allow you to earn from $45,302 to $95,064 per annum or $27.49 to $45.24 an hour.

    Aside from basic wages and cash incentives, PayScale also reports that you may be allowed to have paid sick leave and holidays, life insurance or disability, 401(k), 403(b), tuition fee reimbursements and a company pension plan.

    or nurse salary around the world
    or nurse salary

    Or nurse salary by state

    For registered nurses, these are the average wages seen in BLS for the top paying states in the US: California at $94,120; Hawaii at $84,750; Massachusetts at $83,370; Alaska at $80,970; and Oregon at $78,530. Collectively, US has an average OR nurse salary of $64,000 per annum in Indeed. Individual states recorded these following rates in Indeed: California at $69,000; Texas at $61,000; Florida at $60,000; Virginia at $64,000; Pennsylvania at $59,000; Illinois at $70,000; Massachusetts at $75,000; Colorado at $57,000; Tennessee at $59,000; Arizona at $54,000; New Jersey at $69,000; Georgia at $73,000; Missouri at $63,000; Kentucky at $54,000; New York at $77,000; North Carolina at $63,000; Alaska at $50,000; Louisiana at $54,000; Ohio at $61,000; and Utah at $51,000. In PayScale, these are the OR nurse salary rates being offered in some states: Texas at $44,380 to $88,612; California at $48,890 to $96,502; Florida at $43,946 to $81,689; New York at $48,792 to $100,159; Virginia at $36,212 to $75,561; Illinois at $36,065 to $75,250; and Ohio at $39,594 to $70,769.

    OR nurse salary in Canada

    PayScale reports a median OR nurse salary of CA$33 per hour for Canada. Regular hours are being paid with the rates of CA$24.85 to CA$42.08 while overtime rates are from C$15.40 to C$80.47. Total pay rates are anywhere from CA$46,366 to CA$88,574 with bonuses of CA$2,068 already included in these rates. In comparison, PayScale reports a median pay of CA$30 for registered nurses with salaries ranging from CA$41,802 to CA$84,682. As you can see, OR nurses are being paid more. WowJobs on the other hand recorded an average OR nurse salary of CA$62,033 for surgical nurses and a mean wage of CA$61,325 for perioperative nurses.

    OR nurse salary in UK

    In UK, the median OR nurse salary recorded in PayScale’s website is £25,596. The basic wages paid are within the rates of £17,311 and £32,232. Aside from this, one could be given bonuses that could be valued at £12,040, increasing total OR nurse salary to the rates of £19,546 to £40,439. This same website showed a median rate of £22,819 for registered nurses in UK, computed from the salaries that ranged from £17,668 to £33,040. It is evident that gaining a skill in OR will give you better wages. Registered nurses recorded these wages in accordance to experience: entry-level is from £17,470 to £31,613; mid-career is from £16,708 to £33,089; experienced registered nurses is from £17,298 to £34,448; and late-career is from £20,082 to £41,836. There may be a potential for you to earn better wages if you are an OR nurse.

    OR nurse salary in Australia

    Working as an OR nurse in Australia could mean a median OR nurse salary of AU$60,070 per annum says PayScale. Starting salary could be AU$41,359 with the potential to earn as much as AU$77,756 once you gain ample experience. Rates mentioned may already include bonuses that could be valued at AU$3,973. Regular hours are paid with the rates of AU$23.01 to AU$36.41 while overtime pay ranges from AU$13.18 to AU$54.79. OR nurse salary could be higher for senior employees as reflected in this data where salaries are tallied in accordance to experience: 1 to 4 years will give you wages of AU$21.09 to AU$29.17 an hour; 5 to 9 years is from AU$27.88 to AU$35.49; 10 to 19 years is from AU$26.55 to AU$39.78; and 20 years or more is from AU$32.56 to AU$37.24. The OR nurse salary rates offered in different regions in Australia are as follows: Victoria at AU$23.49 to AU$35.81 per hour; New South Wales at AU$21.74 to AU$39.75; Western Australia at AU$29.00 to AU$35.40; and South Australia at AU$24.50 to AU$33.35. Additional perks may include superannuation, paid sick leave and holidays.

    OR nurse salary in South Africa

    South Africa OR nurses have a median pay rate of $218,144 as shown in PayScale. You could be earning basic OR nurse salary anywhere from R100,228 to R290,683, with possible increases to the rates of R109,065 to R320,834 with the addition of bonuses ranging from R8,087 to R25,814. These are what you can expect to receive in different experience levels: 5 to 9 years is from R156,000 to R264,276; 10 to 19 years is from R20,134 to R239,528; and 20 years or more is from R224,041 to R291,854. You may be allowed to have paid sick leave and holidays, and a company pension plan.

    OR nurse salary in New Zealand

    OR nurses in New Zealand have an average pay rate of NZ$61,760 in a year according to PayScale. The basic salaries disclosed are somewhere in between the rates of NZ$51,276 to NZ$65,496 while total pay received are anywhere from NZ$50,375 to NZ$76,080. Bonuses given to OR nurses in New Zealand could amount to as much as NZ$1,021.

    OR nurse salary in India

    The OR nurses in India have a median income of Rs 314,443 according to PayScale. The lowest salary earned is said to be at Rs 130,000 while the highest is Rs 334,000. No other data is available regarding OR nurse salary in PayScale. In a separate report for registered nurses, the median salary is Rs 139,067. The total salary earned on the other hand ranged from Rs 69,319 to Rs 435,276, inclusive of bonuses of Rs 49,225 and profit sharing of Rs 21,000.

    How to become an OR nurse

    The first thing you need to do is become a registered nurse. There are several ways in order for you to obtain this. The options available to you are a bachelor’s of science in nursing or a BSN, an associate degree in nursing or an ASN, or you could also enroll in a diploma program in nursing. Whatever type of educational program you choose, make sure that you are only enrolling in an approved program. These programs will typically teach you subjects in physiology, anatomy, microbiology, nutrition, liberal arts, psychology, social sciences and behavioral sciences. If you choose to get the bachelor’s degree, this will take you 4 years to finish while the associate degree can be done in 2 to 3 years. All programs will expose you to clinical training as part of the course. These three programs will allow you access to entry-level positions in nursing but many employers prefer applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree. Moreover, if you want to advance your career in the future, a bachelor’s degree would look better in your resume. If you have an associate or a diploma in nursing, you have the option to go back to school and earn a bachelor’s degree. All states mandate nurses to have a license prior practice. For those who want to take their career a little bit further and want to become an OR nurse, there are now certificate and degree programs that will allow you entry into this trade. These programs will usually take you a year to finish with a minimum requirement of an undergraduate degree in nursing. In here, you will be taught about pre, intra and postoperative care. Courses covered may include but is not limited to sterilizing instruments, identifying surgical tools, protocol in operating room safety and anesthesia assessment. Certification is on a voluntary basis. You can be eligible to take the certification after two years and having rendered 2,400 hours in perioperative care. The certified operating room nurse (CNOR) designation is effective for five years. You can get recertified after that. While certification may not be required, this is recommended if you are considering application to higher positions and this is a great way to get noticed by employers.

    Conclusion about OR nurse salary

    You need not be a surgeon to have a first-hand experience of being able to work in an operating room. Once you become an OR nurse, you are considered part of the surgical team. This job has its rewards and one of these is being able to help patients regain their health. If you are not afraid of blood and have the resistance to stand in the operating room for hours, why not take your nursing career to a higher level and enroll yourself in an OR program? This will let you earn higher wages than other nurses with the average salary at $64,000 annually according to Indeed. OR nurse salary is above average.

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