Optometrist salary

An optometrist’s salary in the United States is about $175,329 per annum according to the American Optometric Association. In fact, self-employed optometrists either practicing individually, in groups, or partnerships receive a higher salary than those who are employed in other work settings. An overall salary for an optometrist also varies based on the size of group. An optometrist who practices individually receives an average salary of about $134,094 per annum while those practicing in large groups earn around $159,300 yearly. Optometrist salary is not as high as ophtalmologist salary. In other hand  optometrists dont visit accredited medical school.

Optometrist job description

Optometrists are health care professionals who provide eye or vision care. They diagnose and treat vision related abnormalities or diseases. Optometrists examine the color perception, depth perception, farsightedness and nearsightedness. An optometrist’s job includes examining patient’s eye condition, prescribing appropriate eye glasses or contact lenses and detecting the vision problems. Optometrists diagnose and treat various eye conditions such as glaucoma, nearsightedness, diabetic eye disease, farsightedness, floaters and flashes.

How much does an optometrist make ?

Average optometrist salary

The overall median salary for an Optometrist in the United States is about $106,967 per annum.

Optometrist salary and wage in USA

The average median salary for optometrists working in an optometrist’s office is around $92,670 per annum. The starting salary for optometrists with less than 1 year of medical experience ranges from between $69,829 to $91,288 per annum. About more than 50 percent of optometrists received an annual salary ranging from between $70,140 and $125,460. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for an optometrist is around $51.42 per hour which averages to about $106,960 per annum.

Based on percentiles, the median salary for 90th percentile of optometrists has been around $146,060 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of optometrists received $127,430, 25th percentile of them received $98,230 while 10th percentile received $90,275 per year.

The average salary for an optometrist at few states in US are Ohio $133,310, North Carolina $133,250, Virginia $127,490, Alaska $130,000 and Tennessee $135,470.

optometrist salary in US and Canada

optometrist salary

Optometrist salary in Canada

An optometrist’s salary in Canada ranges up to more than $80,000 CAD – $140,000 CAD.

Optometrist salary and wage in UK

The average expected salary for an optometrist in the United Kingdom is about £38,375 per annum. According to all salary survey, the median salary for an optometrist is about £37,000. An average hourly wage for an optometrist ranges from between £221 to £283. An optometrist’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £28,782, in 30s earns about £37,608, in 40s earns about £44,515 and in 50s earns about £44,515 per annum.

Optometrist salary in Australia

The annual salary for an optometrist in Australia ranges from between AU$48,014 – AU$101,678 while a yearly bonus is around AU$9,906. However, the total salary averages from between AU$49,701 – AU$108,469 per annum.

Optometrist education, training and certification

An aspiring optometrist should first complete an entry-level education (college degree in science) and should complete pre-optometry courses that lasts for 3 years. This is followed by an admission to an American Optometric Association accredited optometry school that includes about 4 years of course study to obtain a Doctor of Optometry degree. The candidate should then apply for state license on completion of both clinical and written board exams.

Conclusion about optometrist salary

According to salary reports, the highest paid salary for an optometrist in the United States is about $130,000 while the lowest paid salary is about $90,000 per annum. However, an optometrist working in a private practice can earn around more than $175,000 per annum.

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