Nurse salary

  • Although there are a lot of nurses in the United States, there is still an expected large demand for nurses in the country. In fact, it might be the profession with the highest number of employment opportunities for the period of 2008 to 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report. Those who choose this field can expect a nurse’s salary of around $43,000 for the first year. But just like how it is with other professions, the level of compensation is determined by several factors, such as the location of employment, the educational background, and the type of workplace chosen by nurses. Keep reading more info about nurse salary , job description and requirements.

  • Nurse Job Description

    A nurse is one of the members of a medical team, along with doctors, therapists, and social workers. Among the usual duties of a nurse are observing and developing nursing care plans as well as taking care of patients before and after an operation. It is also their responsibility to monitor and administer drugs and intravenous infusions to patients. Nurses also make their rounds in hospitals while taking patient pulses, samples, blood pressures, and temperature. They ensure that these vital statistics are recorded. Some nurses also oversee the work of junior staff, organize workloads, and guide student nurses. Another important role that a nurse has to handle with care is as a stable source of emotional support for the patients and their relatives.

    How much does a nurse make a year ?

    Average nurse salary and wage

    The average nurse’s salary in the US is around $67,930, or roughly $32.66 per hour, according to the BLS’ Occupational Employment and Wages report for 2012.

    Nurse salary in the USA

    According to PayScale reports, registered nurses earn an average of $55,160 a year. Since there are various kinds of nursing occupation, the salary website also reported about the yearly income for such occupations. A licensed practical nurse’s salary is around $38,336, which is at the lower end of the nurse’s salary spectrum.     A registered nurse assigned in the emergency room earns more at $60,043 a year, while a nurse case manager makes $64,088. A clinical nurse manager definitely has a higher nurse’s salary at $76,188. A family nurse practitioner and advanced registered nurse practitioner earn $80,759 and $84,640, respectively.

    Based on their years of experience, a nurse’s salary for beginners is around $50,606. This climbs up to $55,596 a year for those with one to four years of experience and even up to $69,479 for long-time nurses with over 20 years of experience.

    In comparing the salary for nurses based on hospital setting, those who work in private practice receive better compensation of $71,802 a year, followed by the nurse salary of $69,827 for those employed in surgery centers. School nurses are among the lowest earning nurses, according to PayScale figures, with a nurse salary of $41,490.

    nurse salary around the world
    nurse salary

    Nurse salary by state

    In the US, California is the highest paying state for nurses since it provided a nurse’s salary of $94,120. The state of Hawaii occupied second place with an annual pay for nurses being $84,750. The other states that round up the top five paying states for nurses are Massachusetts, with a nurse’s salary of $83,370, Alaska, with $80,970, and Oregon, with $78,530.

    Nurse salary in Canada

    For registered nurse in Canada, the salary averages $47,966. However, a registered practical nurse earns more, with a yearly pay of around C$50,000. On the other hand, the nurse’s salary for a licensed practical nurse is C$32,000.

    The nurse’s salary by experience is naturally topped by that of a nurse with more than 10 years of experience, with the yearly pay being C$81,000. Those with five to nine years and one to four years of experience take home around C$50,000 and C$47,925 a year, respectively.

    Based on location, a nurse who works in Ontario makes $49,057 a year, while one who is based in Alberta earns a slightly lower nurse’s salary of C$48,000. Salary of nurse by hospital setting also differs, with the surgery center or ambulatory care providing the highest compensation of C$74,000. This is significantly higher than the nurse salary for those working in general hospitals and community health centers, which are C$48,484 and C$61,993, respectively.

    Nurse salary in Australia

    In Australia, a nurse earns an average of AU$45,000. Depending on their years of experience, their compensation varies. New nurses with less than a year of experience make around AU$47,500, while those with over 10 years in the field take home a nurse salary of AU$60,000.

    Depending on the state where the nurses are working, the nurse’s salary is also affected. Those who are based in Queensland earn the most, with an annual pay of AU$65,000. This is followed by the nurse’s salary in New South Wales, which is around AU$57,600 and in Northern Territory, which is AU$50,000. The nurse’s salary in South Australia and Victoria are pegged to be at AU$47,500 and AU$41,175, respectively.

    Nurse salary in the UK

    The nurse salary in the UK, according to PayScale, averages around £18,486. By considering their experience, nurses with one to four years’ experience earn £14,100. However, this increases to around £18,000 or more the nurse gains more experience.

    A nurse who works in London earns £17,505, while one who is employed in Kent and Derbyshire makes £15,000 annually. A nurse who is based in West Midlands brings home a nurse salary of £13,952.

    Depending on the hospital setting where the nurse is working, the nurse salary is also affected. The salary for nurse in a general hospital is higher than those in other settings, at £25,943. Those who happen to work in nursing homes or in what PayScale has cited as the Other category earn around £17,000 a year. School nurses also take home close to the same amount, at £16,773.

    Nurse salary in South Africa

    The nurse salary in South Africa is around R129,000. Based on where they are working, nurses in Johannesburg earn more with an annual pay of R120,000. Those in Cape Town earn the second highest figure of R114,800. Nurses in Pretoria and Port Elizabeth also take home a nurse salary of R72,000 and R30,600, respectively.

    A nurse who works in community/home health makes around R108,000. This is way higher than one who works in a general hospital who earns R76,987 annually.

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    Nurse education, training and certification

    To become a nurse, one needs to have at least an associate or bachelor’s degree. There are three ways to become one – complete an Associate Degree in Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or a diploma program in a hospital. Nursing students usually take up courses such as nutrition, chemistry, anatomy, psychology, microbiology, physiology, nursing, and behavioral sciences. As part of their practical nursing,      student nurses have to work in hospitals and try different departments on rotation, such as psychiatry, pediatrics, surgery, and maternity. To get a nursing license, applicants have to pass the NCLEX-RN test. Nurses may have to take another licensure exam if they want to work in states other than where they took their NCLEX.

    Conclusion about nurse salary

    According to a BLS report in 2011, the average nurse salary is around $65,950. The top 10% percent of this profession’s population make over $96,630, while the lowest 10% earn less than $44,970 a year.

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