Nuclear pharmacist salary

  • Nuclear pharmacist’s salary is around $120,000 in the United States. Keep reading for more information about nuclear pharmacist salary and educational requirements.

  • Nuclear pharmacist job description

    Nope, nuclear pharmacists are not individuals responsible in dispensing nuclear explosives. Their job is pretty much similar to that of a regular pharmacist but with a twist to it. Nuclear pharmacy was established in 1978 by the Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties. Its study is centered in the use of radioactive materials used in the treatment of specific illnesses such as cancer. Radioactive materials are often associated with the word danger. What most people do not know is that they are already exposed to these on a daily basis. Radiation can come from the sun, cellphones and television sets. To some extent, radiation can be considered safe depending on where it is coming from and has been found a very valuable tool in the field of medicine. Radioactive materials is now commonly used not only in the diagnosis of diseases but is also used to treat some. However, these materials can only be used with the prescription of a doctor. Nuclear pharmacists are people who have received special training, making them reliable as someone who should be dispensing radioactive medicines.Maybe thats why nuclear pharmacist salary is so high these days.

    How much does a nuclear pharmacist make ?

    Nuclear pharmacist salary in USA

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacist in general is receiving an average nuclear pharmacist salary of $116,500 or an equivalent wage of $56.01 an hour. If you compare the reports of several sources on the salaries received by nuclear pharmacists, this field of specialization seems to point that they are earning significantly higher rates compared to ordinary pharmacists or pharmacologists. says that on the average, nuclear pharmacists are earning $121,998 a year. The bottom earners in nuclear pharmacy recorded salaries less than $104,138 while the top earners are making more than the rate of $140,570 per annum. Indeed on the other hand says that median income for this job is $131,000 annually. SalaryExpert claims that earnings could be even more where it said that those who have less than a year of experience are earning over $100,000 while those who have been doing this for more than 20 years are making more than $1.4M in a year. As you can see, nuclear pharmacist salary is really one of the highest.

    Nuclear pharmacist education, degree and requirements

    Just like regular pharmacist, a job in nuclear pharmacy will need you to obtain a degree in Pharm.D. This program will require you to at least have completed two years of preparatory course that should include subjects like mathematics, chemistry, social sciences, biology, natural sciences and physics. Only after taking this course will you be allowed to enroll in a Pharm.D course. In here, you will be expected to learn all about the uses of medicines and are expected to know if these should be dispensed with or without a prescription. You will be given classroom orientation as well as internship trainings where you will be able to interact with doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, patients and customers.

    How to become a nuclear pharmacist 

    Completing the Pharm.D course is just the first step. After this, you will be expected to enter into a fellowship or residency program. This will usually take 1 to 2 years to complete where you will be working under the supervision of a more experienced pharmacist, learning the ropes of the trade. Some will even require you to complete a project. Licensure is required to practice as a pharmacist in most states. For those who wish to advance their career and work as a nuclear pharmacist, additional training is required. You can obtain this through certificate programs but some schools are now offering this as a minor in their Pharm.D programs. Currently, all states allow nuclear pharmacist to work without obtaining a special license except for the state of Florida. But you can bet it is worth it. Nuclear pharmacist salary is one of the highest among pharmacists.

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