What is a mortician

  • Morticians are the funeral directors which are responsible for all the activities performed during funeral. Date, time and location of the funeral are decided by the mortician along with the family members of the deceased people. Morticians are trained to preserve the dead body and to do all the formalities during the ceremony. Embalming is a process that prepares a person for inhumation.

  • Mortician training

    To become a mortician, an individual must have at least 2 years of formal education and one must have an experience of one year training before practicing. Both community and technical colleges offer programs to become a mortician. An individual have to pass various core courses like anatomy, physiology, business management, preserving techniques and accounting to become a professional. A person should not be younger than 21 years to become a mortician.

    Mortician education and skills

    There are various ways for a high school student to be a successful mortician. A student must be interested in Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy. Moreover, a person having good communication skills and public speaking skills can have a bright future in this field. Even at a funeral home, high school students can volunteer all the activities.

    Generally compassionate and caring people are more likely to be hired in becoming morticians. They should be able to cope with death or the person should be strong hearted. Sensitive people should not become a mortician. A well renowned mortician is able to handle stressful conditions properly.

    Nothing is permanent in this world. People are dying every day and morticians will always be needed. Morticians having the knowledge of preserving dead bodies by various methods have many job opportunities. This field is predicted to grow about as fast as the national average.

    There is no fixed timing for a mortician to work. Usually, they work for long time. They might need to work during the middle of the night or at weekends. At some small funeral homes, they may work for 8 hours for 5-6 days a week.

    By becoming a general or branch manager, a mortician can be advanced. Many people work for several years and save their money to manage their own business. Furthermore, some morticians are also in charge of multiple funeral homes.