Midwife salary

  • Midwife’s salary working in the United States is ranging from  $30,913 to $108,903 per annum. A new midwife can receive a starting yearly minimum pay of around $31,000. As a midwife becomes known, the yearly rate increases considerably. A Midwife can receive around $110,000  salary including bonuses. Keep reading for more information about midwife salary.

  • Midwife job description

    Midwife is in-charge for giving care to expecting mothers, helping them cope with the hardships of pregnancy, offering them help from the delivery to the first months of their newborn. Some of the basic responsibilities of a midwife are: assessment of the mother’s health condition, deliver the baby while guaranteeing the safety of both, helping out the pregnant women, checking up and assessing their physical conditions and providing the mother with the necessary information on taking care of themselves and their babies before, during and after delivery. In some cases, they provide counsel to mothers who suffered from still birth, miscarriage and other unforeseen events. They also diagnose and refer those mothers requiring critical care to obstetricians and physicians with specializations.

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    How much does a midwife make ?

    Average midwife salary

    The median wage of Midwife in the United States is around $76, 302 per annum. Midwife can earn up to  $110,000 per year and enjoy a top bonus of $12,000 per annum.

    Midwife salary in USA

    According to payscale, the 10th percentile of all midwives in the US receives a yearly  salary of around $31,000, the 50th percentile takes home around $76,000 per year, the 75th percentile collects around $92,000 and the 90th percentile receives an average pay of around $110,000 per annum.

    The average salary of Midwife per annum based on number of work experience. Midwife with 1 to 4 years of experience earn from  $33,508 – $80,576 per year while those with 5 to 9 years of practice collect an average of $82,629 – $95,959 per annum.  Midwife practicing for more than 20 years or more receive an annual pay  between $28,000 – $109,500.

    midwife salary in US, Australia and UK
    midwife salary

    Midwife salary in UK

    In the United Kingdom, the average annual salary of a Midwife is  between £20,177 – £36,620.  The median midwife salary is around £25,000In Uk, the average salary of  Midwife per annum based on number of work experience is as follows. Midwife with 1 to 4 years of experience earns  between £19,574 – £26,322 per year while those with 5 to 9 years of practice collect an average  between £19,200 – £34,000 per annum.  UK Midwife practicing for more than 20 years or more receives an annual pay  between £25,143 – £35,000. The median yearly bonus for Midwife is £17.50.

    Midwife salary in Canada

    The salary of Midwife in Canada is  between C$52,381 – C$94,361 per year. The median  receives around C$80,000. The 10th percentile of all Midwives in Canada receive around C$52,000 per year, the 5oth percentile collects around C$80,000 per annum while the 90th percentile takes home around C$95,000 per year. Midwife working in Canada receives a top bonus of around C$5,000 per annum.

    Midwife salary in Australia

    A Midwife working in Australia earns an average annual income of AU$35,508 – AU$79,385 per annum. The average median yearly earning for  Midwife working in Australia is AUS$51,963. The average salary of Australian Midwife based on number of work experience is as follows. AU Midwife with 1 to 4 years of experience earns  between AU$36,226 – AU$67,806 year while those with 5 to 9 years of practice collect an average  between AU$44,641 – AU$77,662 per annum. Midwife in Australia practicing for more than 20 years or more receives an annual pay from  AU$44,000 – AU$82,424.

    The hourly rate for a midwife is between AU$20.27 – AU$29.59 in Australia. In Victoria, the average hourly salary is between AU$20.27 – AU$39.45. A midwife with 1 to 4 years of experience receives an hourly pay from  AU$20.27 – AU$29.59.

    The median bonus for all midwives by year of experience is as follows: those practicing for less than a year receive AU$150.00, those with 1-4 years of experience collect AU$484.14, those practicing for 5-9 years take home AU$500.00 and those with 10-19 years of experience receive an average bonus of AU$99.00 per annum.

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    How to become a midwife

    Most Colleges/Midwifery schools in the US require a Bachelor’s degree before an individual can enroll in the midwifery program. Some schools may recognize Registered Nurses with no bachelor’s degree but candidates should enroll in a bridge program that leads to a Bachelor’s degree in nursing before being formally accepted in the midwifery program.  There are online courses accredited by reputable colleges that also offer online midwifery program. You may search the web for an online midwifery program that would best suit your time schedule.

    Conclusion about midwife salary

    According to payscale, the average salary of a midwife per annum in the US is between $30,913 – $108,903. The  average annual income for Midwife is $76, 302.  In the United Kingdom, Midwives receive an average salary  between 20,177 – £36,620 per annum. The UK median midwife annual salary is around £25,000. On the other hand, midwife working in Canada takes home an annual pay from  C$52,381 to C$94,361. Midwives  in Canada receives around C$80,000 per annum. Midwife salary is one of the highest on nursing field in Canada. A Midwife in Australia receives an average salary of AU$35,508 – AU$79,385 per annum with average median yearly earnings of around AUS$51,963.

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