Medical physicist salary

  • Medical physicist’s salary is around $106,840 per year. Medical physicists use their skills and knowledge in physics to prevent, diagnose, and cure different kinds of health conditions. In general, medical physicist makes an average income of $106,840 per year, based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report. This is three times more than the median salary of all the occupations in the country, which is about $34,756. But medical physicist earns even more if he choose to focus their attention on specific industries. They can also increase their salary if they have an advanced degree. The job outlook for physicists and astronomers, the broad group of medical physicists according to BLS, is 14% for 2010 to 2020, which is just as fast as the expected growth rate of the other occupations in the US. Keep reading for more information about medical physicist salary.

  • Medical physicist job description

    Medical physicist is heavily involved in the fields of nuclear technology, radiotherapy and medical imaging. They also collaborate with physicians and usually work in hospitals, private practices, and other healthcare facilities. They also use therapeutic equipment to treat patients, such as cancer patients. Physicists who focus on nuclear medicine are responsible for measuring radioactivity in the patients and rely on medical imaging to check the internal organs as well the metabolic rate of the patients.

    Another common career path for medical physicist is research, which aims to improve current medical technology. They usually focus on issues that involve diagnostic radiology and radiation therapy. They may also create new technology and new techniques related to medical imaging.

    Some medical physicists opt to teach in universities while doing their research at the same time. Others are working in   industries or research institutes that don’t require teaching or clinical duties.

    How much does a Medical Physicist make ?

    Average medical physicist salary

    According to the BLS salary report for physicists in general is $114,150 per year. Their hourly wage is around $54.88 per hour.

    Medical physicist salary in the USA

    In the US, the medical physicist salary ranges from $59,724 to $188,833 a year. Based on PayScale reports, their median salary is around $121,809. The basic salary in this occupation is $60,248 to $84,824. Bonuses of up to $10,078 and profit shares ranging from $1,100 to $12,200 may also be provided by some employers.

    Medical physicist with less than a year of experience earns $50,000 to $92,500 a year. As experience increases, the salary also increases with physicist who has one to four years of experience earning $45,958 to $139,616; those with five to nine years making $82,434 to $170,013; and those with 10 to 19 years’ experience taking home $75,750 to $203,163 a year. The medical physicist’s salary for those with more than 20 years of experience is around $110,000 to $192,584 per year.

    Depending on the industry, the medical physicist’s salary for physicists working in health care is higher than others at $59,950 to $196,908 a year. Medical physicist who is employed in the outpatient radiation therapy industry make $80,879 to $189,729 and those who are in the medical diagnostic equipment earn $25,989 to $173,109. Similarly, the medical physicist’s salary in the hospitals ranges from $87,700 to $162,188, while the salary in radiology is around $74,776 to $116,653 a year.

    The degree held by the physicist also matters in determining their salary. The medical physicist’s salary of a physicist with a Master of Science in Medical Physics is $45,615 to $182,529, while someone with a doctorate in Medical Physics makes $40,268 to $183,759 per year.

    medical physicist salary in US,UK and CAN
    medical physicist salary

    Medical physicist salary by state in the USA

    According to the BLS Occupation Employment and Wages report about physicists, Minnesota pays the highest salary of around $172,880 per year. Louisiana and Hawaii follow at second and third in the ranking, with salaries of $154,980 and $153,920, respectively. Florida and Rhode Island are also in the list of the top paying states with their annual pay of $149,010 and $144,200, respectively.

    By comparing the medical physicist’s salary in each metropolitan area, Indianapolis-Carmel, IN made it to the #1 spot, with $175,570 per year. This is followed by the Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington area, with $166,020; Miami-Miami Beach-Kendall, FL, with $158,840; Honolulu, HI, with $158,640; and Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, TX, with $157,240 per year.

    Medical physicist salary in Canada

    Canada-based medical physicist earns around C$51,064 to C$117,451 per year. Their medical salary is also based on PayScale figures, which is shown to be at C$71,760 per year. The basic medical physicist’s salary is around C$52,064 to C$117,451, although this increases with the addition of a bonus that is about C$7,500. Medical Physicist who has been in the field for one to four years bring home 56,376 to $119,195 per hour.

    Based on the state or province where they are working, the medical physicist’s salary is higher in Ontario than in Quebec at C$68,784 to C$106,823 per year. On the other hand, medical physicist working in Quebec makes C$53,000 to C$71,500 a year.

    Medical physicist salary in Australia

    PayScale salary surveys showed that the average medical physicist’s salary in Australia is around AU$59,032 to AU$176,822 per year. Their median salary is AU$94,435. Medical physicist who has worked for one to four years in the business receives an annual pay of AU$63,871 to AU$106,823. Those who work in the health care industry make AU$69,614 to AU$101,736 per year.

    On the other hand, a physicist in Australia makes around AU$52,349 to Au$134,095 per year. Their median salary is AU$73,955.

    Medical physicist salary in the UK

    According to PayScale, the annual medical physicist’s salary in the UK is £25,990 to £41,831 per year, while their median salary is revealed to be £32,495.

    Based on Prospects reports, healthcare scientist trainees, including medical physicists, make around £25,528 in their first year, but this increases to £26,556 in the second year and £27,625 in the third year. Those who are trained in London will be provided with a location allowance.

    After training is completed, medical physicists, along with fellow healthcare scientists, will receive £30,460 to £40,157 per year while working for The National Health Service (NHS). Those who are already considered seniors with several years’ experience earn between £38,851 and £80,810 per year. Healthcare scientists who are holding the position of consultant, head of service or director get the highest salary in this occupation of about £77.079 to £97,478 per year.

    Medical physicist salary in South Africa

    Since medical physicists belong to the broader group of physicists, the salary of the latter will be used as the basis for the salary of the former. In South Africa, physicists make around R245,089 to R467,988 a year. Their median salary is R290,000, according to PayScale reports. Those who opt to work in companies make around R222,780 to R710,000 a year.

    Medical physicist salary in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, the starting salary for a physicist with a bachelor’s degree is around NZ$35,000 per year. However, this increases to around NZ$50,000 a year based on their performance and experience. A physicist who holds a postdoctoral degree makes around NZ$55,000 per year. This usually remains the same during the physicist’s fellowship, which lasts for two to three years. A physicist with good performance, several years’ experience and more responsibility may receive a salary of about NZ$100,000 per year. Those who opt to teach in universities earn even more at NZ$150,000.

    A medical physicist salary for a trainee is between NZ$54,000 to NZ$72,000 per year. This increases to about NZ$80,000 to NZ$96,000 for qualified medical physicists. Those who are in the senior or management position can make around NZ$130,000 a year.

    Medical physicist salary in India

    In India, the average medical physicist’s salary is about Rs167,256 to Rs2,515,131 per year, while PayScale reported their median salary to be Rs535,999. These physicists actually receive a lower basic salary of Rs121,641 to Rs2,367,182, which is boosted by bonuses of around Rs12,000 to Rs49,132.

    How to become a medical physicist

    To become a medical physicist, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree then a master’s degree afterwards. Although candidates need to major in physics during their undergraduate degree, they may also choose another natural science major or engineering. What’s important is for them to know about biology, chemistry, physiology, and physics.

    After getting the bachelor’s degree, candidates must have a master’s or a PhD in medical physics. However, some entry-level positions may accept those who have a master’s degree in general physic. These programs should be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Educational Programs (CAMPEP).

    Candidates who have completed their graduate program still need to complete a residency program that usually takes two years in hospitals. This is included as one of the licensure and some certification requirements.

    Licensure exams are provided by the American Board of Radiology, the American Board of Medical Physics, and the American Board of Science in Nuclear Medicine.

    Conclusion about medical physicist salary

    The medical physicist salary is above average, at around $60,000 to $167,000 per year, when compared to the salary of all other occupations in the US. This increases to about $140,000 to $250,000 for those who are already board certified.

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