Medical billing and coding schools and programs

  • In modern ages, most of the programs and exams are conducted on computers and laptops in the mode of ONLINE EDUCATION in which several points are considered. Universities and Colleges offer many courses in all the fields and medical billing and coding program are one of them. Selection of course either certificates and associate’s degree program is totally depending on the choice of students. Students can study the skills to get ready medical claims. Moreover, these programs help the student to complete their graduation and to make them successful in their careers.

  • Medical billing and coding Program Levels

    To have a better career opportunity, a student must know about all the available programs so that he could get the detailed information of the program in which a student enrolls. Depending on a student’s experience in health care, Certificate programs could vary from 4 to 20 mos. to complete while Associate’s degree program take 2 years for completion, with students who are earning about 100 credit hours.

    Both of the programs could be available at campuses or a student has an opportunity to do these programs from their homes in the form of virtual classroom.

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    Medical Billing and Coding Certification

    American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) administers an exam known as Certified Coding Associate (CCA). CCA is an exam which is taken by the students after completing their programs. Both Certification program and Associate’s degree program prepare and encourage students to take this exam. This is an opportunity for news ones to the job fair. Other Certification exams are administered by the Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

    Medical billing and coding Career Outcomes

    There is a wide range of career occasions for graduate students who have completed their graduation from either program. Many other medical professionals could hire them. Career are available as a claim assistants, medical claims analyst,  doctor’s office assistant, medical collector or reimbursement specialist, billing coordinator,. Employees can work within a hospital setting, private physician’s office or other medical institution.

    List of Common Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs

    Certificate in Medical Claims and Billing

    These online educational programs are for those students having some working experience in the field of medicine. Certificate program courses cover:

    -Interpreting explanation of benefits (EOB) statements.

    – Medicare and Medicaid

    -Medical Claims

    -Physician and hospital coding

    – Hospital medical coding

    Students use different type of teaching aids such as video description and verbal discussions. Students might have to take online tests called open book test and online programs in which documents are send as e-mail answers to the facilitator. E-books can also be used for online educational programs.

    Applied Science in Advanced Medical Coding and Billing (Associate)

    Within the medical field, a distance learning associate’s program in advanced medical billing and coding readies students for different positions such as an administer, a coder or at billing position. Common courses in an associate’s degree include:

    -Anatomy and physiology

    -Hospital coding


    -Social psychology

    Few programs offer books for students to finish their assignment while others strictly follows the rules and regulations of virtual classroom in which lectures are deliver online, online tests are taken and a student can interact with other students and instructor online. They can have online discussions on monitor.