Hospital pharmacist salary

  • Hospital pharmacist’s salary is around $90,000 in the United States. Hospital pharmacists work in hospital pharmacies where they are not only expected to dispense medicine but also assist patients and other health practitioners regarding their proper use. This could give you an average salary of $93,000 a year in US as mentioned in Indeed. For this, you will need to have at least completed a degree in Pharm.D and are expected to have additional training compared to retail pharmacists. Keep reading for more information about hospital pharmacist salary and specific educational requirements to become one.

  • Hospital pharmacist job description

    Hospital pharmacists work in hospital pharmacies where they dispense prescriptions. They too may be responsible in maintaining the pharmacy’s inventory, taking charge of the purchase of new medicines. Tasks may include deciphering prescriptions, providing advice to patients, assisting medical professionals in the proper administration of medicines, supervising newbies and conducting quality checks on inventory.

    How much does a hospital pharmacist make ?

    Average hospital pharmacist salary

    Indeed says that the average hospital pharmacist in US is $93,000 per annum. Compare these number with general pharmacist salary,  clinical pharmacist salary or pharmacologist salary in USA, Canada or UK.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in USA

    According to Indeed, hospital pharmacists are earning an average salary of $93,000 a year. PayScale in comparison shows a median hospital salary of $100,912 per annum or an equivalent wage rate of $51 an hour. The regular hours have rates ranging from $43.39 to $61.20 while overtime pay could be in between the rates of $19.91 and $92.21. Survey respondents disclosed to have received basic salaries of $75,666 to $122,776, possibly increasing to the rates of $84,064 to $127,442 with the addition of bonuses valued at $8,109.

    Salary by state

    Indeed shows these average hospital pharmacist salaries in some of the states in US: California at $100,000; New York at $113,000; Minnesota at $82,000; New Jersey at $101,000; Washington, DC at $116,000; Texas at $91,000; Illinois at $106,000; Florida at $87,000; and Arkansas at $93,000.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in Canada

    WowJobs says that that the average hospital pharmacist salary in Canada is CA$77,577 annually. The median rate shown in PayScale is CA$74,922 a year or a wage rate of CA$45 an hour. Regular pay is from CA$30.91 to CA$54.30 an hour. You may be offered to receive basic salaries of CA$43,998 to CA$101,861. Additional cash incentives like bonuses of CA$10,304 could let you have a total pay of CA$50,000 to CA$109,250.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in UK

    Hospital pharmacists in UK have basic salaries ranging from £24,343 to £50,300. PayScale claims that they are earning a median salary of £33,227 a year. One may be allowed to receive bonuses which could be valued at £500, increasing total cash earned to the rates of £23,672 for up to £58,111.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in Australia

    Australia recorded an average hospital pharmacist salary of AU$59,519 per annum or an equivalent rate of AU$32 an hour in PayScale. For regular hours, pay rates are from AU$25.12 to AU$44.11 while excess hours are being paid from AU$1.51 to AU$84.79. One may be entitled to receive basic pay of AU$39,149 to AU$82,927. With the addition of cash incentives like bonuses of AU$10,033, you may be able to take home a total cash earnings of AU$45,584 to AU$90,264.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in South Africa

    Those who plan to work as hospital pharmacists in South Africa could be allowed to receive basic salaries of R192,699 to R425,742 where median pay rate is R274,940 a year according to PayScale. Total cash earned could be within the rates of R207,598 to R437,180, inclusive of bonuses valued at R1,014 to R26,215.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in New Zealand

    PayScale says that pharmacists in New Zealand are earning a median salary of NZ$54,636 a year or an equivalent wage rate of NZ$33 an hour. Total cash earned ranged from NZ$35,280 to NZ$92,845, which could comprise of basic salaries of NZ$29,799 to NZ$91,215 and cash perks like bonuses of NZ$7,218.

    Hospital pharmacist salary in India

    India recorded a median hospital pharmacist salary rate of Rs 124,762 a year in PayScale. Basic salaries are anywhere from Rs 62,343 to Rs 301,118. Total pay could be from Rs 71,321 to Rs 310,659, inclusive of bonuses of Rs 10.00 to Rs 25,000 and profit sharing of Rs 491.32 to Rs 10,174.

    How to become a hospital pharmacist

    Those who want to become a pharmacist must complete a degree in Pharm.D and get licensed by the state. In order to prepare yourself for this, you will need to take a preparatory course such as chemistry and biology. Those who will be working in hospital pharmacies will need additional training and this can be provided through residency programs. The training is needed in order to give patients accurate information on medicines being used and to possibly inform other health professionals of their pharmacology as well.

    Conclusion about hospital pharmacist salary

    Those who have great memorization and organizational skills may thrive in jobs like that of a hospital pharmacist. This will let you have an income of $84,064 to $127,442 according to PayScale. A degree in Pharm.D is required for this job.  Hospital pharmacist salary is above average.

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