Healthcare administrator salary

  • Healthcare administrator’s salary is around $100,000 in the United States. A healthcare administrator job will let you earn an average salary of $101,340 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This job offers a leadership role in healthcare and medical facilities like hospitals and nursing homes. To help you prepare for the job, it is recommended that you must at least have a bachelor’s degree preferably in healthcare administration. Executive positions on the other hand may require postgraduate studies and these roles will usually pay higher salaries. Keep reading for more information about healthcare administrator salary and career requirements.

  • Healthcare administrator job description

    Healthcare administrators are people who are responsible in the business aspect of healthcare facilities such as a hospital. They manage the overall direction of the business that may include supervising and hiring staff, overlooking the budget of the facility, and managing patient billings. In larger facilities like hospitals, they may be expected to contribute to the formation of policies of the said facility. Healthcare facilities are expected to comply in accordance to ethical standards and healthcare administrators play a crucial role in ensuring that every member of the facility adheres to these practices.

    How much does a healthcare administrator make ?

    Average gealthcare administrator salary

    BLS says that medical and healthcare administrator salary is somewhere around $101,340 per annum or an equivalent wage rate of $48.72 an hour in 2013. The top 10% have salaries less than $55,470 while the top 10% are earning more than $155,130 in a year. Employment is expected to change by 23% from 2012 to 2022.

    Healthcare administrator salary in USA

    According to BLS, the average medical and health service manager salary in US is $101,340 a year. Indeed on the other hand says that healthcare administrator ais earning a salary of $40,000 on the average. In PayScale, healthcare administrator is said to be earning a median salary of $64,787 per annum. Regular hours are being paid with rates ranging from $10.99 to $33.60 while overtime pay rate are anywhere from $0.00 to $44.22. Healthcare administrator has basic salaries ranging from $37,209 to $106,296. Total pay rates could be from $31,371 to $107,144 with the inclusion of bonuses of $11,335 and profit sharing of $10,000. These are the rates offered in different experience levels: entry-level is from $29,109 to $89,522; mid-career is from $39,977 to $109,176; and experienced is from $39,617 to $118,989. Additional skill in budget management will let you earn from $37,095 to $109,443 while proficiency in operations management will let you have earnings of $35,266 to $122,470.

    Healthcare administrator salary by state

    The top paying states for medical and health service managers are the following as shown in BLS: District of Columbia at $123,120; California at $118,040; New York at $118,020; Delaware at $114,640; and New Jersey at $114,420. Indeed on the other hand showed these average healthcare administrator salaries: California at $43,000; Texas at $39,000; Florida at $38,000; Virginia at $40,000; Massachusetts at $48,000; Tennessee at $37,000; Pennsylvania at $39,000; Illinois at $46,000; Colorado at $36,000; Kentucky at $34,000; New Jersey at $43,000; Alabama at $40,000; Alaska at $30,000; Utah at $31,000; New York at $49,000; Louisiana at $35,000; Arkansas at $40,000; Arizona at $33,000; Missouri at $39,000; Ohio at $38,000; Georgia at $46,000; and Minnesota at $35,000.

    Healthcare administrator salary in Canada

    WowJobs shows an average healthcare administrator salary of CA$86,645 per annum for Canada. PayScale claims that the median salary received for this profession is CA$52,966 per year where basic salaries could be anywhere from CA$52,500 to CA$112,240. With the addition of other cash perks like bonuses of CA$6,878, one may be allowed to have total cash earnings somewhere in between the rates of CA$29,889 and CA$115,407.

    Healthcare administrator salary in UK

    According to PayScale, healthcare administrators have an average pay of £17,347 per annum. Prospects says that health service managers working in the NHS start earning with the rate of £22,444 excluding allowances that may be given in London area. This job may also entitle you to receive pension entitlements. A first post salary could be within the rates of £27,000 and £37,000. Once you reach Band 6 or 7, salaries will now be from £25,783 to £30,764. Senior health service managers are receiving salaries ranging from £77,850 to £98,453. If you will be working for a private institution, rates offered are significantly higher.

    Healthcare administrator salary in Australia

    MyCareer claims that the sector of medical and healthcare recorded an average salary of AU$100,000 for those who hold administration jobs. Open Universities Australia on the other hand shows that the average salary for medical records administrators is AU$55,000 per annum. Senior employees are earning an average salary of AU$83,200 while the average starting salary could be AU$31,200 a year. The top three regions to work in are Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

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    Healthcare administrator salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, administrative and office managers that may include those working in healthcare settings are earning a median salary of R131,378 per annum according to PayScale. Basic salaries ranged from R59,531 to R292,453. Total pay rates on the other hand is from R61,759 to R307,242, inclusive of bonuses of R1,021 to R24,828, profit sharing of R54,296 and commissions of R500 to R80,000.

    Healthcare administrator salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ says that health service managers working in New Zealand usually start earning from NZ$60,000 to NZ$70,000 annually. Additional experience of 4 to 5 years will allow you to earn from NZ$100,000 to NZ$120,000. Those who already have an experience of 10 to 15 years could be offered salaries that could be as high as NZ$200,000. Senior health services executive on the other hand are able to earn more than the rate of NZ$400,000 in a year.

    Healthcare administrator salary in India

    People working as hospital administrators in India are earning an average income of RS 365, 243 per annum where basic salaries are anywhere in between the rates of Rs 175,876 and Rs 1,466,005. One may be able to bring home a total pay of Rs 178,356 to Rs 1,474,954, already inclusive of bonuses of Rs 13.05 to Rs 100,250, profit sharing of Rs 103,042 and commissions of Rs 1,000 to Rs 20,000.

    How to become a healthcare administrator

    Those who wish to become healthcare administrators should at least have a bachelor’s degree preferably in health administration or management. Those who are occupying executive positions on the other hand usually have a master’s degree. If you will be working for a nursing home, you must pass the examination conducted by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards. Voluntary certification is available through the American College of Healthcare Administrator for those who will be working in other types of facilities. Analytical and communication skills are highly valued in this kind of job.

    Conclusion about healthcare administrator salary

    If you have managerial skills and would like to work in a healthcare setting, you may want to work as a healthcare administrator. This will let you earn from $55,470 to $155,130 in the US according to BLS. If you get a master’s degree on top of a bachelor’s degree, you may be accepted to work in executive positions where pay rates could exceed the six-figure mark. Healthcare administrator salary is above average.

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