Hairdresser salary

  • Hairdresser’s salary or hairstylist’s salary ranges from S14,000 to $48,000. Hairdresser  or also called hair stylist cuts and styles hair. Most of them work in beauty salons and barbershops, while others set up their own business. Others can also be found working in other establishments and industries like in the military and in nursing homes to attend to the grooming needs of the patients and the elderly. In addition to cutting and styling hair, they are also expected to perform other hairstyling-related functions like shampooing, rinsing, dyeing, and applying hair treatments. In some cases where the hair salon is relatively small, they also man the counters and maintain the cleanliness of the area.  Keep reading for more information about hairdresser salary.

  • Hairdresser job description

    Hairdresser delivers grooming services, and most of them work in salons, beauty parlors and barbershops. Their most basic function is to cut and style hair. However, hairdressers who have received further training and who have gained enough experience also work as grooming and hair consultants to their clients. They recommend hair treatments and solutions such as those meant to solve dry or falling hair. They also discuss hairstyle options like wigs and hair extensions.  In most cases they also mann the counter, sanitize the tools they use, and keep the place clean and orderly.  Those who have their own business also perform managerial duties like hiring and training their workers.

    How much does a hairdresser make ?

    Average hairdresser salary

    On the average, hairdresser in the US earns around $18,400 to $30,000 in a year, with an hourly rate ranging from $8.86 to $14.42. The average hairdresser salary is $22.570.

    Hairdresser salary in the USA

    PayScale figures show that for 2013, the basic annual hairdresser salary in the US ranges from $17,305 to $67,871. With bonuses and commissions, the annual total salary can reach a maximum of $80,952.  More experienced hairdresser naturally receives higher pay than others. Those with 20 years or more under their belt can receive as high as $81,094 in a year, whereas those with 10 or more years can take home a maximum pay of $45,875 in a year. Starters with less than five years of experience can get as high as $27,980 in a year.  Those working in smaller companies receive as high as $45,000, an amount relatively higher than the $25,807 received by those who work in bigger companies.

    hairdresser salary in USA, UK and Australia
    hairdresser salary

    Hairdresser salary by state

    Hairdresser working in California can earn higher than those who work in New York, receiving as high as $60,400. However, New York hairdressers have a much higher minimum pay that those in California. They usually receive a minimum annual salary of $23,583 compared to the $13,200 minimum annual salary received in California. Seattle also has one of the best rates, with hairdressers earning an annual average of $37,000. This is more than $10,000 higher than the average pay in the profession.

    Hairdresser salary in Canada

    Hairdresser salary working in Canada is much lower than the rate in the US. The hourly rate ranges from C$9.79 to C$17.13. With bonuses, the annual hairdresser salary is from C$22,350 to C$50,247. The median annual salary of hairdresser is C$25,460.  More experienced hairdresser also receives higher pay. Those with more than 10 years can get as high as C$49,132 in a year, while those with five to ten years in the industry can receive as much as C$35,375 annually. Figures also show that the highest hourly rates of a hairdresser in Canada are in Calgary/Banff/Rocky House Mountain with C$15.82 per hour, while the lowest rates are found in Montreal, Quebec at C$10 per hour.

    Hairdresser salary in Australia

    PayScale reports show that the basic hourly pay of Australian hairdressers is AUS$10.50 – AUS$23.82. With bonuses, overtime and commissions, this can total into AUS$22,834 to AUS$51,702 in a year.  There is relatively minimal difference in the maximum yearly pay of a hairdresser based on experience. Those with more than 10 years can receive as high as AUS$58,000 while those with less than 10 years experience can receive a maximum yearly pay ranging from AUS$50,000 to AUS$54,000. South Australia offers a high minimum pay for hairdresser at AUS$39,305, followed by Queensland at AUS$34,196. However, those from the New South Wales area can earn as high as AUS$54,322 in a year.

    Hairdresser salary in the UK

    According to PayScale, the hairdresser salary in the UK is pegged at a range of £10,312 and £20,329 in a year. This is the total given the hourly rate of £5.08 – £8.73 plus tips, overtime, commissions, and bonuses. The median annual hairdresser salary is £13,969.  Those who are more than 10 years in the industry can receive an annual pay as low as £10,193 and as high as £39,732. This is lower than the annual pay received by those with 20 or more years experience. The latter receives only an annual pay ranging from £9,000 to £25,000. Those with one to four years receive even less, with a maximum of £18,688 in a year.

    Hairdresser salary in South Africa

    The basic annual pay of hairdresser in South Africa is R14,597 to R84,852. This can go as high as R133,802 in a year with bonuses, tips and overtime. The median annual salary is R47,999. Rates are favorable even for those with less than five years of experience as they can receive an annual pay ranging from R47,166 to R83,293.

    How to become a hairdresser

    A blue-collar profession, there are more relaxed requirements for those wishing to become a hairdresser and hair stylists. The minimum requirement is a high school diploma. Vocational and high schools also offer programs on grooming and hair styling so even high school graduates can start their early training in the art of hairstyling and grooming. Formal full-time programs in hairstyling are offered by certain agencies and companies who specialize in providing training on grooming and personal care. These programs can also lead to an associate degree. The subjects taught in these trainings cover the basics of hair styling, trends, and even sanitation and ethical practices as prescribed by the state. Those wishing to further their career and eyeing positions such as senior stylist in a big hair salon can take these courses and programs to learn about the latest trends and technology in hair science and hair grooming.

    A primary requirement for a hairdresser to practice is a license. One should be at least 16 years old and have accomplished the training prescribed. This license is to be renewed after a particular period of years. Those who own their own hair salons also opt to take other courses in marketing, sales, and business administration.

    Conclusion about hairdresser salary

    The annual basic hairdresser salary in the US starts at around $17,000 and can increase up to $80,000 with bonuses and commissions. This is high compared to the pay of others in the profession like shampooers. More experienced hairdresser can expect a maximum pay from $45,000 to as high as $81,000 in a year.

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