EMT salary

  • EMT salary (also known emergency medical technician salary) is around  $30,360 on average in USA,but it varies from state to state.  EMT is the short term for Emergency Medical Technician. They are most seen working in fire departments and ambulances. However, some businesses find EMTs valuable for their organization. For example, factories where workers engage in delicate work have EMTs on board as part of their special response team. EMTs are often required to work with a team or a partner. Given the dedication required for this job, as an EMT, one really needs to have a genuine concern to help out other people. Working with patients entails extra patience considering that the job will not pay as much as other types of equally strenuous jobs, with average salary recorded at $30,360 in Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 data. Read more about EMT salary and wage.

  • EMT job description

    EMT is medical professionals skilled in providing reliable assessment in emergency situations including giving basic medical assistance if needed. They also assist when patients are being transported just in case advanced medical treatment is required. There are three types of EMTS and each has their own set of responsibilities. EMT-Basic works under the supervision of an EMT-Intermediate while taking care of basic EMT responsibilities such bandaging injuries, splinting broken bones, bleed controlling and assisting in the use of automated external defibrillators. An EMT-Intermediate on the other hand handles more complex duties such as IV administration, cardiac monitoring and facilitating advanced airway techniques. EMT-Paramedics execute the most complicated tasks and perform greater extent of responsibilities. These EMTs are allowed to evaluate medical records, give intubation and even perform blood transfusions.

    How much does an EMT make a year ?

    Average EMT salary

    On the average data in Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMT is earning an average salary of $30,360 in a year or an equivalent of $14.60 per an hour. Job outlook is promising with BLS predicting that there will be a 33% increase from 2010 to 2020.

    average EMT salary in USA
    average EMT salary

    EMT salary in USA

    Salary.com says that on the average, EMT working in the United States is earning $31,258. In PayScale’s website, their data showed that your salary could depend upon your certification. Having an EMT-Basic certification will give you an average salary of $27,847. Working as a medical assistant will give you an average compensation of $33,971. Fire fighters earns a median income of $43,084. A fire lieutenant could expect to receive a median salary of $58,750. Being a fire captain will give you the highest salary averaging at $96,500. Of course, just like with most professions, experience will play a key part in your expected salary rate as an EMT. Those who just entered into this profession could expect to earn an average income of $35,000. This will gradually increase to a mean income of $46,706 as you gain 5 to 9 years of experience. Once you have established yourself in this profession for 20 years or more, you could be having a median income of $68,765.

    emt salary in USA
    emt salary

    EMT salary by state

    Salary rates will also have significant difference depending on your city or state. For example, EMT in Columbia, South Carolina is earning an average income of $28,000. In New York, New York, mean salary amounted to $37,500. So far, EMs in Baltimore, Maryland recorded the best average salary rate at $65,000. Similarly, employers will also pay varied rates. American Medical Response pays a median income of $77,000 while Montgomery County Government pays an average income of $82,000.

    EMT starting salary

    Starting salaries will depend upon your nature of work and experience as an EMT. According to the data gathered by TopTenReviews, EMTs and paramedics are earning an average starting salary of $21,000. This is expected to increase to $51,460 depending on their geographical location. EMT is expected to work full-time except for those who only do this on a volunteer basis.

    EMT basic salary

    SalaryExpert’s data shows that EMT-Basic is affected by a number of factors. Data by location will tell you that San Francisco is friendliest to EMT-Basic professionals with average salary valued at approximately $55,000 while practicing this profession in the State of Missouri does not sound promising at all with salaries averaging only to a little over $25,000.

    emt basic salary in USA
    emt basic salary

    Firefighter EMT salary

    To give you an insight on the starting salary for Firefighter EMTs, the entry-level starting salary in Lynchburg, Virginia is $35,006. In Salary Expert, remuneration for firefighter EMTs will depend upon a number of factors such as location, experience, bonus, benefits and certification. In San Francisco, the average salary for firefighter EMTs is more than $80,000 while in the State of Missouri, median wage is a little over $40,000.

    FDNY EMT salary

    FDNY EMT basic pay will depend upon years of experience. The basic pay starts at $31,931. This will increase to $33,740 after one year in service. With two years of being an FDNY EMT, you will now be earning a base pay of $34,341. Give it a year more and salary increases to $39,764. After staying in the service for 5 years, expect to have a basic pay of $45,834. Benefits include 3 weeks vacation, shift differential, and pension benefits to name a few.

    EMT salary in Canada

    PayScale data showed that the median income for EMT in Canada is CA$48,453. Salaries recorded ranged from CA$28,480 to CA$81,888. Canada EMTs also get bonuses that could be valued to as much as CA$500, already included in the rates mentioned earlier. According to Healthcare Salary Canada, the lowest hourly rate for EMT in the country is CA$17.50 an hour. The median hourly rate is CA$34.69. Highest rate is recorded to be at CA$43.23. In annual rates, the lowest rate is CA$ 31,844, the median rate is CA$ 63,137 while the highest rate is CA$ 78,684. According to the website, the nicest places to be if you are an EMT are Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Muskoka and Waterloo Region if you are looking forward to better wages. Most of the EMTs in Canada are men. Most work for hospitals and health care environments but other sectors like the government also employ EMT.

    EMT salary in Australia

    In Australia, EMT is being paid between the rates of AU$52,000 to AU$89,998 according to PayScale. Median average is recorded at approximately AU$81,000. In Emergency Medical Paramedic’s website, their data showed that paramedics have varied rates depending on location. The website says that a paramedic in Australia could be earning zero income because some to opt to volunteer their services for free while some are earning an income of more than AU$100,000. EMT-paramedics in Queensland are earning wages ranging from AU$45,000 to AU$55,000. This could even increase with penalties with rates going as high as AY$70,000. In New South Wales, EMT-Paramedics are earning an average income of AU$56,000 annually. However, because of shift penalties (pay for serving extra hours after your shift), EMT-paramedics could earn as much as AU$80,000 to AU$90,000. This could even amount to AU$110,000 if you incur more overtime shifts.

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    EMT salary in UK

    EMT working in UK is earning an average salary of £22,840. In MySalary’s website, however, their data showed that EMTs have a median income of £21,860. This figure is not far from the data collected in 2011 from 3 respondents. The median EMT salary back then was £21,266, having the same figures compared to 2010’s data. This considerably decreased if you compare the results gathered in 2008 which is £24,000. The website compiled all results and arrived at an EMT mean salary of £21,798. If income is based on an 8-hour schedule with 250 working days in the calendar, the hourly rate suggested by the survey would be £10.93. Salary according to age implies that EMTs in their twenties are earning a median wage of £16,395 while those in their thirties are earning an average wage of £21,423. The EMT wage in UK seems to increase as you gain experience because EMTs in their forties and fifties have an average income of £25,358.

    EMT salary in South Africa

    Having an EMT-Intermediate job in South Africa will earn you wages starting from R92,738 up to R307,163, inclusive of bonuses that could be valued as much as R17,879. The median salary for EMT-Intermediate according to PayScale is R134, 267. EMT-Intermediate professionals with 10 to 19 years of experience in service earn wages close to the median rate. They earn salaries ranging from R111, 910 to R141, 499. In comparison, an EMT-Basic professional have a median salary of R78, 828 with salaries ranging from R58, 344 to R207, 948.

    EMT salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ says that ambulance officers in New Zealand earn salaries ranging from NZ$40,000 up to $70,000. Although PayScale does not have enough data regarding EMT salaries, the website indicates that the median wage for paramedics is NZ$50,000. In ENZ website, their data showed that starting salary rates ranged from NZ$35,000 to NZ$ 40,000. If you are already recognized as an advanced paramedic, you could have starting salaries from $NZ60, 000 to NZ$70,000.

    EMT salary in India

    EMT in India are earning a median wage of Rs 322,499 according to PayScale. While data is insufficient to show a comprehensive view of national salary wages, bonuses received by EMTs indicate that years of experience will give you almost the same rates. Tallied data showed that EMTs with 1 to 4 years of experience have an average bonus of Rs17, 500 while those who have been in service for 5 to 9 years have a median bonus of Rs15, 000. Under paramedics’ category, median average is Rs490, 849.

    How to become an EMT

    The EMT profession will require a candidate to have a GED or a high school diploma. You need to enrol in a related program course. All states in the US will necessitate you to pass a certification before you can be allowed practice in this type of job. One of the most accepted certification programs by most states is offered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician of the NRETMT. If you are uncomfortable in taking this type of certification, do check if your state allows local EMT certification.

    There are different levels for EMT certification. There is a certification for EMT I-Basic, EMT II and III- Intermediate certification and EMT-Paramedic. The certification that you hold will determine the duties and responsibilities that you can accommodate. The more responsibilities that you have, the better the wages. In preparation for the EMT examinations, you can enrol in a program suitable to the desired level of certification. License renewal after 2 to 3 years is imposed in most states including consistent continuing education courses.

    Conclusion about EMT salary

    At the average income on $30,360 for EMTs, this profession is not considered a high-paying job. If you want to have higher salaries, getting a higher certification, although will not give you an EMT salary higher than $100,000, will increase your compensation significantly.

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