Embryologist salary

  • Embryologist’s salary is around $80,000 in the United States. Embryology is the study that revolves around the creation of embryos until such a time that this becomes a fully developed animal or human. Embryologists have become a valuable job in the field of In Vitro fertilization (IVF), more popularly known as “test tube baby”. Also known as Embryology or IVF technologist, these individuals collect and test sperm, eggs and embryos for the purpose of IVF. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that biochemists and biophysicists that may include embryologist have an average salary of $81,480 in 2012. Keep reading for more information about embryologist salary and career requirements.

  • Embryologist job description

    Embryologists are medical scientists that aid doctors who are trying to help patients get pregnant. Some of these are working with animal reproduction. Common tasks are collecting semen, eggs and embryos to determine if these are fit for a healthy pregnancy. Job may be available through fertility treatment centers, hospitals, the academe and in laboratories.

    How much does an embryologist make ?

    Average embryologist salary

    Biochemists and biophysicists that may include the practice of embryology are earning an average salary of $81,480 a year or an equivalent wage rate of $39.17 an hour in 2012 according to BLS. The lower 10% are earning less than $41,430 while the top earners are making more than the rate of $147,350.

    Embryologist salary in USA

    Salarylist says that embryologist is earning a median income of $60,000 year in US where the minimum salary earned is $24,000 while the highest is $120,016 per annum. Indeed claims a mean salary of $71,000 per year for this job. PayScale in comparison shows a median salary of $59,050 where basic salaries paid ranged from $35,751 to $89,211. An embryologist may be allowed to receive bonuses of $9,863 and profit sharing of $1,028 to $5,404, allowing one to earn in between the rates of $35,946 and $92,104.

    Salary of embryologist by state

    Indeed reported these average salaries for some of the states in US: California at $76,000; New York at $86,000; Kentucky at $61,000; Texas at $69,000; Pennsylvania at $68,000; Washington, DC at $88,000; and Florida at $66,000.

    Embryologist salary in Canada

    Canada holds a record of CA$53,263 for the average salary of professionals working as embryologists in PayScale. The least recorded basic salary is CA$30,767 while the highest is CA$63,696. Bonuses that could be as high as C$5,918 will let you earn a total income of CA$32,825 to CA$68,296.

    Embryologist salary in UK

    MySalary shows an average embryologist salary of £37,643 for UK where a trainee could be earning a median salary of £25,000 a year. The median salary shown in PayScale is £32,164 computed from basic salaries that ranged from £21,000 to £54,248. Total earnings fall within the rates of £21,447 and £61,072, inclusive of bonuses valued at £983 to £2,975.

    Embryologist salary in Australia

    Working as an embryologist in Australia may allow you to earn basic salaries ranging from AU$39,799 to AU$78,267 a year as shown in PayScale. The average salary earned is AU$53,512 per annum. Adding other cash benefits like bonuses of AU$197.27 to AU$5,128 to basic pay will let you have a total pay of AU$41,065 to AU$79,745.

    Embryologist salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, biochemists have a median salary of R170,400 a year with total pay ranging from R94,829 to R355,456. Total pay earned may comprise of basic salaries of R81,325 to R309,126 and bonuses of R2,000 to R68,500.

    Embryologist salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ claims that biochemists with a bachelor’s degree and are working as technicians are earning somewhere in between the rates of NZ$35,000 and NZ$55,000. With a Master’s degree, salary could be anywhere from NZ $55,000 to NZ$75,000 while those who have a PhD are able to make as much as NZ$76,000 to NZ$94,000. More experienced biochemists are earning more than the rate of NZ$130,000 a year.

    Embryologist salary in India

    In India, embryologists recorded an average salary of Rs 300,000 per annum in PayScale. You may be offered to receive basic pay that falls within the rates of Rs 84,000 to Rs 614,451. Other cash perks may include the likes of bonuses valued at Rs 22,500.

    How to become an embryologist

    In order to become an embryologist, you first need to get yourself a bachelor’s degree preferably in biology, animal science or human physiology. Many embryologists in advanced positions have earned a Master’s and a PhD degree. A few have supplemental studies in the field of medicine which will require completing a residency program.

    Conclusion about embryologist salary

    If you want to work where life is considered important, one of your options is to consider getting a job as an embryologist. Salary expectations in US ranges from $35,946 and $92,104 according to PayScale. Embryologist salary is above average.

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