Doula salary

  • In the United States,  doula receives an average salary of $29,000 a year. A new Doula may receive an average pay of around $10-35 per hour. As doula gains experience, doula’s hourly rate increases significantly. Doula can receive up to around $40,000 per annum. Keep reading for more information about doula salary.

  • Doula job description

    Although a doula and a midwife perform almost identical jobs, the difference between them is that doulas can be either professional or non professional who offer physical and emotional support before, during and after childbirth.  doula’s  primary job is to assist a license midwife during these stages. On the other hand, a midwife is a professional who is qualified to deliver a baby. During pre-partum stage, a doula does home visits with frequency depending on the needs of the client or condition of pregnancy of the expecting mother. She may be requested by the expectant mother to accompany her to the obstetrician or a midwife for consultation. One of  doula’s  jobs is to encourage the support of all family members especially the father of the baby during the pregnancy of the mother. She offers education and consultancy as well as resources to empower the expecting mothers to choose a healthy lifestyle.  She also educates the mother on proper breastfeeding techniques and its importance to the health of the babies especially during the first 2 years. Her goals are to enhance the awareness, self confident and promote positive health practices. During the intra-partum stage, a doula is always available on call depending on the agreed time schedule by her and the parents. She is expected to come to the hospital and accompany the client during the delivery. She provides constant emotional and moral support during and after the delivery ensuring the comfort of her client. She instructs the immediate breast feeding procedures to the mother right after childbirth. Some of the postpartum responsibilities of a doula include: visiting the new infant/mother in 24 hours just after delivery to measure the overall health situation of both the mother and infant and utilize the resources offered by the community or health facility for the early discharge of her client. After being discharged from the health facility, a doula is expected to provide  2 to 5 home visits in the 1st  week, 2 to 3 times in the 2nd week and once a week for the next  eight weeks or as long as the client wants her to offer her services. During the Post-partum visits, the doula supports breastfeeding, teaches the mother the hows of newborn care, gives instructions on parenting skills, promotes constructive maternal and infant/parent relationship developments and provides mothering to the new mother.

    How much does a doula make ?

    Average doula salary

    Because doula profession is not yet regulated by the government, tracing doula’s salary is not very easy. Nevertheless payscale noted that the average salary of doula working in the USA is around $29,000. According to Childbirth International website, a doula generally charges $10-$35 per hour for personal visits.

    Doula salary by state in USA

    In Chicago Illinois, a doula receives an average salary of $37,000 per annum. In West Columbia SC, doulas collect an average of $41,000 per year. Childbirth International website notes that a doula’s average hourly rate in the US is $10-$35 per hour. Payscale noted that a doula with 1 – 4 years of work experience receives an average of $39,000.

    The Median Salary by Benefit/Perk for all doulas is as follows: Paid Holidays / Vacation, around 38,000, Flex-Time / Flexible Schedule, $37,800, 401(k), $37,800 and Paid Sick Leave, also $37,800.

    doula salary around the world
    doula salary

    Doula salary in UK

    In the United Kingdom, a doula can expect around £75.00 average rate per day.  A doula can expect more if she is required to stay for 24 hour care.  A doula’s average salary in the UK varies from one place to another.

    Doula salary in Canada

    In Canada, a Doula receives an average of around C$39,640 per annum.

    Doula salary in Australia

    In Australia, the average yearly salary of doula is around AU$40,882.

    How to become a doula

    The requirements to become a doula differ from country to country. There are countries that honor online courses and are credited by the recognized organizations in those countries such as doulauk in the UK and childbirth International in the US. To become certified as a doula, you must finish online courses such as birth doula preparation and post natal doula preparation. These courses offer practical skills for aspiring doula. The courses for doula take around 3 to 7 months to finish. The courses requirements are typically consisting of reading of 3 books on child birth and pre, intra and post natal care, survey on childbirth, supporting at least 2 women in their delivery for a total of 15 hours practicum which includes pre and post partum support. The certificate to be earned is Certified Labour Doula (CLD). Some of the International Organizations that provide certifications for doula are the Childbirth International, Doulas of North America (DONA), doulaUK in the United Kingdom and Canadian Association Registry and education (CARE) in Canada. Because of the growing demands for doulas, the US, the UK and Canada are planning to regulate and professionalize this occupation in the future.

    Conclusion about doula salary

    The average pay for doula per annum in the United States according to Payscale is from between $29,000 – $40,000 per annum with average hourly pay of around $10-$35.  In the UK doulas collect an average yearly pay of £75.00 per day. In Canada, doula collects an average of around C$39,640 per year and in Australia, doula receives a yearly average pay of around AU$40,882. This makes doula salary sometimes higher than salary of registered nurse in some states of USA.

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