Dentist assistant salary

  • Dentist assistant salary (also known as dental assistant salary) is one of the highest among medical assistants. In 2010, there were about 297,200 dentist assistant positions, an indication that they are found valuable in the field of dentistry. Most of these work full-time, assisting dentists or working closely together with dental hygienists. Dentist assistants allow dentists to render timely services and helps them make their job more efficient. They are sometimes called dental nurses. Growth is expected to increase faster than the average with the rate of 31% from 2010 to 2020. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual dentist assistant salary rate is $33,470 which is equivalent to the hourly rate of $16.09. Read more about dentist assistant salary and required education.

  • Dentist assistant job description

    Dentist assistants are required to have technical and interpersonal skills.  Their duties and responsibilities may vary depending on what is imposed by the state. However, there are some tasks that are generally observed in all states. For example, dentists assistants are expected to assist the dentist in treatment procedures. They too are expected to assist the patient in any way they can, making these feel comfortable during treatment. They may be called dental nurses because they observe similar tasks to that of a registered nurse such as sterilizing instruments, taking blood pressure, jotting down the patient’s medical history and taking x-rays. Their job could be extensive depending on the designation of the dentist they are working for. They could be asked to provide dental care in the fields of orthodontics, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry and the rest of dentistry fields of specialization. There are some states that allow dentist assistants to perform coronal polishing, sealant application, fluoride application and topical anesthetics application. Coronal polishing is the removal of soft deposits in teeth and this procedure could make your teeth appear whiter. Sealant application on the other hand is the application of plastic substance over teeth to keep food and other particles away from it, preventing the development of cavities. Fluoride application will keep your teeth healthier and anesthetic application will numb an area in your mouth prior a dental procedure.

    How much does a dentist salary make ?

    Average dentist assistant salary

    As of May 2012, the average dentist assistant salary is $35,080 or an hourly wage of $16.86. The lower 10th percentile have an average yearly salary of $23,550 while the top earners are making as much as $47,580.

    Dentist assistant salary in USA

    In the US, dentist assistants have earnings ranging from $21,957 to $43,192. Aside from basic pay, dentist assistant salary could be augmented with other types of cash benefits. For example, bonuses amounting to $1,026 and profit sharing valued from $100.84 to $3,931 were reported to have been awarded to dentist assistants as shown in the survey gathered by PayScale. Overtime hourly rates are from $10.45 to $20.35. If you plan to stay in this trade for quite a while, then expect a bit of increases but these are not considered overly large sums of money. These are the expected dentist assistant salary according to tenure: less than 1 year will give you annual rates of $17,879 to $40,089 or hourly rates of $8.87 to $15.39; dentist assistant salary rates for those with 1 to 4 years of experience is $17,875 to $40,171 annually or $9.92 to $16.57 an hour; 5 to 9 years on the job will give you yearly wages of $18,973 to 40,161 or $12.27 to $20.11 per hour; 10 to 19 years of experience will allow you to earn yearly compensation rates of $23,321 to $440,707 or an hourly equivalent of $13.28 to $21.55; and dentist assistant salary for those with 20 years or more of experience is from $23,731 to $50,599 yearly or $14.53 to $24.18 by the hour. Compare salary of dentist assistant with dentist salary.

    A dentist assistant position will allow you benefits and perks like 401(k), paid holidays and sick leave, life insurance, education or training reimbursements, free beverages and casual dress or atmosphere. Males have better wages than the females, with the former reported to have dentist assistant salary rates of $25,569 to $59,180 while the latter have earnings ranging from $19,641 to $44,936. Educational attainment could also affect pay rates. Dentist assistant salary rates according to educational attainment will give you the following rates: an associate’s degree is $22,940 to $46,934; a certificate in dental assisting have rates of $17,446 to $51,651; dentist assistant salary rates for those with a bachelor’s degree is from $19,653 to $44,764; and a technical certificate will allow you earn from $24,887 to $34,286.

    dentist assistant salary in USA by state and other countries
    dentist assistant salary

    Dentist assistant salary by state

    Salary of dentist assistant by state net is the highest in New Hampshire at $43,480. Other states have the following dentist assistant salary rates: Alabama is $29,550; Alaska is $41,970; Arizona is $34,980; Arkansas is $28,590; California is $36,660; Colorado is $37,590; Connecticut is $40,680; Delaware is $33,460; Florida is $33,890; Georgia is $34,820; Hawaii is $32,740;Idaho is $31,480; Illinois is $32,890; Indiana is $35,230; Iowa is $35,780; Kansas is $31,650; Kentucky is $31,310; Louisiana is $29,460; Maine is $37,780; Maryland is $36,860; Massachusetts is $41,290; Michigan is $33,730; Minnesota is $42,420; Mississippi is $29,710; Missouri is $33,790; Montana is $31,190; Nebraska is $32,130; Nevada is $37,290; New Hampshire is $43,480; New Jersey is $38,690; New Mexico is $32,190; New York is $35,540; and dentist assistant salary is Texas is $32,700.

    Dentist assistant salary in UK

    PayScale claims that the median hourly dentist salary in UK is £7. Annual rates recorded in the website ranged from £11,930 to £21,391 with rates inclusive of bonuses valued at £489.36. Pay rates are slightly higher for registered dentist assistants where the average hourly salary recorded was £8. Annual registered dentist assistant salary ranged from £11,804 to £22,933, inclusive of bonuses of £1,745.

    Dentist assistant salary in Canada

    Canada dentist assistant salary ranges from CA$30,973 to CA$51,509. These rates already include bonuses of CA$971. The average hourly rate recorded in PayScale is CA$19. Pay rates are from CA$15.26 to CA$24.57. Overtime pay is a bit higher with the hourly rates of CA$16.16 to CA$37. According to LivingInCanada, expected dentist assistant salary rates are within the figures of CA$45,000 top CA$55,000. If you want to have the best rates, then practicing in Edmonton, Alberta will allow you to earn an average hourly dentist assistant salary of CA$28. Stay away from Montreal, Quebec because average hourly income is only at CA$12.

    Dentist assistant salary in Australia

    Dentist assistant salary rates in Australia ranges from AU$34,702 to AU$54,933 according to PayScale. Bonuses of AU$311.39 may already be included in these rates. Hourly rates reported are from AU$17.11 to AU$25.83 while overtime pay could be valued as high as AU$40.64. Dentist assistant salary rates according to experience will give you these values: less than 1 year at AU$14.96 to AU$21.79; 1 to 4 years at AU$16.36 to AU$24.60; 5 to 9 years at AU$19.85 to AU$26.40; 10 to 19 years at AU$19.34 to AU$27.09; and dentist assistant salary for those with 20 years of experience is from AU$19.78 to AU$30.01.

    Dentist assistant salary in New Zealand

    For those who are just starting out, expect dentist assistant salary rates of NZ$14 to NZ$19 says CareersNZ. Those who are considered experienced in this trade have hourly wages of NZ$19 to NZ$24. These rates are close to the data of PayScale where the website claims that hourly dentists assistant salary in New Zealand ranges from NZ$13.45 to NZ$20.78. Benefits include paid sick leave and holidays.

    Dentist assistant salary in South Africa

    The median dentist assistant salary rate in South Africa as revealed by PayScale is R83,942. This job will allow you to earn wages from R44,792 to R123,600 inclusive of bonuses that could be valued at R8,940. Minimum dentist assistant salary increases as you gain more experience as shown in this data: those with 1 to 4 years have rates of R37,800 to R132,000; 5 to 9 years at R41,907 to R121,217; 10 to 19 years at R52,357 to R148,375; and dentist assistant salary for those with 20 years of tenure is from R73,611 to R119,988.

    Dentist assistant salary in India

    The average registered dentist assistant salary in India is Rs114,000, lower than the expected salary rate for dental hygienist at Rs393,993. Currently, PayScale does not have data to compare dentist assistant salary rates according to tenure, education acquired and geographical location.

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    Dentist Assistant Education, Training and Certification

    A dentist assistant position can be obtained a number of ways depending on the requirements imposed by your state. While some will require you to graduate in an accredited school and pass an exams issued by the state, some state will allow you entry to this profession without the need to obtain educational requirements. This trade can be learned through on-the-job trainings from a dentist or other dentist assistants. If you want to pursue a career as a dentist assistant, you may want to consider earning units in chemistry, biology and anatomy. Community colleges are offering certificate or diploma courses leading to dentist assistant careers. On top of the certification offered by the state, dentist assistants have to option to get certified on a national level. One could become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) after passing the exam conducted by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). You could only take this certification exam if you have graduated from an accredited program or are a high school graduate and have taken up on-the-job training from a qualified professional.

    Conclusion about dentist salary

    BLS says that average yearly dentist assistant salary rate is $35,080 or an equivalent of $16.86 an hour. Most locations will see an increase with more years rendered on the job. Pay rates may also be higher depending on educational attainment. More developed areas offer better rates compared to those that are not.

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