CNA Salary

  • CNA’s salary (certified nursing assistant salary) ranges from $22,000 to $26,000. A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is also called as a nursing aide. CNAs have to perform one’s responsibilities while being supervised by a licensed nursing professional. The primary duty of a CNA is to attend to the patient’s daily needs, such as hygiene and bathing, feeding those who can’t feed themselves, and helping patients perform range-of-motion exercises. By taking up these responsibilities, the nursing aide can allow advanced nurses to devote their time and attention to the patient’s medical care. A CNA’s salary is on the lower end of the nursing compensation spectrum. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expected a 20% growth in the demand for this profession in the period of 2010 to 2020. This is considerably faster than the projected demand growth for other professions in the US. Another organization, the National Network of Career Nursing Assistants, also projected more employment opportunities for CNAs because of the high turnover in the field. Keep reading for more interesting facts about CNA salary and also CNA’s educational requirements.

  • CNA job description

    The main areas of responsibility of a CNA are patient assessment, medical care, personal care, and empathy. CNAs have to obtain and record the vital signs of the patients every day, such as their blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and respiration. They also check the patient’s weight, height, and intake. Patient observation is also necessary to monitor their response to medication and care. CNAs also help patients bathe, get dressed, go to the toilet, and eat, as well as other hygiene-related activities. However, the most important role of a CNA is to support the patients emotionally.

    How much does a CNA make a year ?

    Average CNA salary

    The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010 for nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants, the broad group to which CNAs belong, the average CNA salary is $24,010, or an hourly pay off $11.54.

    CNA salary in USA

    PayScale reports showed that the CNA’s salary ranges between $17,873 and $31,415, while the median salary for the profession is at $22,830. Their basic wage is from $8.53 to $14.37.

    Depending on how many years a CNA has spent in the field, the CNA’s salary varies. Veteran CNAs with over 20 years of experience take home a salary ranging between $19,185 and $40,516. Those with 10 to 19 years in the field make around $14,555 to $37,286 annually. However, CNA who is just starting out earns between $16,989 and $44,219 a year.

    The skill or specialty of the nursing aide also determines the CNA salary. Based on PayScale figures, CNAs who are working in medicine/surgery and ICU can earn a maximum salary of around $45,000. Those who specialize in nursery and telemetry bring home a salary between $17,000 and $41,000.

    The hospital setting is another factor that sets the CNA’s salary. Those who are working in private practice have the highest compensation, with salary of $14,838 to $48,749. This is followed by a CNA salary of $18,551 to $41,175 for nursing aides in the Other category and a salary ranging between $17,401 and $40,500 for those employed in the military.

    CNA salary in US and Canada
    CNA salary

    CNA salary by state

    Location is one of the major factors that affect the CNA’s salary. Based on reports, Alaska is the top paying state for CNAs, with a wage of $16.68. New York follows suit in second position, with an hourly pay of $15.30. The rest of the states making up the top paying states are Nevada, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

    CNA salary in Canada

    The CNA’s salary range in Canada is from C$25,495 to C$40,878, according to PayScale. The profession has a median salary of C$28,777.

    CNA salary in Australia

    In Australia, the CNA’s salary ranges between AU$33,858 and AU$56,017. The CNAs also get compensated around AU$17.29 to AU$26.86 per hour, not including the overtime pay of AU$11.50 to AU$28.65 per hour and a bonus of up to AU$4,932. Those who are employed by nursing homes take home an annual pay ranging between AU$34,500 and AU$48,000. This is about the same as vacation or paid holidays incentives provided to the professionals in this field, aside from their basic CNA salary.

    CNA salary in UK

    UK-based CNAs earn an average salary that ranges between £12,121 and £25,200. PayScale reported their median salary to be £16,742. The basic CNA’s salary is £11,639 to £25,033, but with a bonus of up to £325.25. An entry-level position qualifies a CNA to a salary that starts at £13,948 up to £24,252 and a bonus of as much as £1,166.

    CNA salary in South Africa

    In South Africa, the CNA’s salary is from R61,000 to R98,000. Compared to that of a nursing assistant salary in the country, which ranges between R86,741 and R118,500, the CNA salary is lower.

    How to become a CNA

    To become a CNA, one needs to have at least a high school diploma, or the equivalent, GED. Applicants also need to finish a CNA certification program, which usually lasts for 12 weeks, taking up theory and practice. The program also allows students to cover classroom training for at least 50 hours and supervised training for at least 100 hours. The CNA certification exam is administered by the American Red Cross. Those who pass the test will obtain the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program certification and be registered in the Nurse Aide Registry.

    Conclusion about CNA salary

    CNAs, nursing aides, and orderlies earned an average of $25,420 per year as of 2011. The highest earning CNAs took home around $35,170 or more, while the lowest earning CNA earned $18,060 or less. CNA salary is above average among nursing salaries.

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