CMA salary

  • CMA salary (certified medical assistant salary) for those working in USA is $29,640 and it varies from state to state. There are many factor the affect CMA salary.  CMA provide the necessary support for physicians and nurses when it comes to medical and administrative tasks. They usually work in a doctor’s offices and hospitals. Those who have been certified by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) can use the designation Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). Although certification is not really required in getting medical assisting jobs, it helps a lot in increasing the salaries of the medical assistants. According to the AAMA survey, the CMA receives an annual salary of $29,640, which is higher compared to the non-CMA salary of $26,565 per year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected a 31% increase in the demand for medical assistants from 2010 to 2020. Keep reading for more information about CMA salary and educational requirements.

  • CMA job description

    CMA perform both administrative and clinical tasks. The administrative side of their job requires them to greet patients and answer the phones. They also keep and update patients’ medical records, attend to the physician’s correspondence, and deal with insurance forms. The assistants serve as appointment scheduler as well as bookkeeper and biller. They also schedule laboratory and hospital admission services for patients.

    The clinical tasks for CMAs include taking the patients’ medical histories and vital signs, educating the patients about different procedures, and preparing them for examination. They also collect specimens, sterilize medical equipment, and get rid of contaminated medical supplies. Medical assistants can draw blood, administer medications to patients, and explain special diets and medications to the patients. They are also responsible for preparing patients before they take x-rays or electrocardiograms. They can change dressings or remove sutures.  Medical assistants also maintain the examining and waiting rooms and buy equipment and supplies as needed.

    How much does a CMA make ?

    Average CMA salary

    According to the BLS, the average annual income for medical assistants in the US, certified and non-certified, is around $30,550 per year. Their hourly wage is about $14.69 per hour. Average CMA salary also varies from country to country.

    CMA salary in the USA

    In the US, the average CMA salary is ranging from $20,727 to $37,154 per year, while their median salary is shown to be $27,782. CMAs earn an hourly wage of around $9.92 to $17.20 per hour and an overtime pay of $1.35 to $24.99 an hour. They may also enjoy bonuses of up to $969 and profit shares of about $24.66 to $3,389.

    For assistants who have only started with less than a year of experience, the CMA salary is $13,200 to $45,500. An expert CMA with more than 20 years’ experience makes around $29,245 to $48,380 per year.

    Based on the hospital setting, the CMA salary for someone who’s working in private practice is around $19,844 to $38,783. The salary is much higher for those who are working in general hospitals, who earn $31,742 to $41,437 a year.

    Pay by industry varies as well, with the CMA salary for those working in health care being $20,213 to $46,219 per year. Medical assistants who are working in medical offices make $17,540 to $43,411; those who are in a physician’s office earn $20,263 to $41,084l and assistants in hospitals take home $23,583 to $41,123 a year.

    CMA salary in USA
    CMA salary

    CMA salary by state 

    According to the Occupational Employment and Wages report from BLS for 2012, the top paying states in the US for certified medical assistants are Alaska, with $39,900 a year; District of Columbia, with $37,800; and Massachusetts, with $37,210. The certified medical assistant salary for those in Washington and Hawaii is around $35,330 and $34,780, respectively.

    As for the top paying metropolitan areas, Vallejo-Fairfield, CA led the pack with a CMA salary of around $47,430 a year. This is followed by Fairbanks, AK that paid $42,520; San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, CA that paid $41,900; Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA that paid $39,830; and Danbury, CT that paid CMAs with $39,430 a year.

    CMA assistant salary in Canada

    In Canada, the CMA salary ranges from C$23,490 to C$78,297 per year, with their median salary being C$38,198, as per PayScale reports. They receive an hourly wage of C$13.16 to C$21.04 per hour and bonuses of up to C$5,354. Certified medical assistants with one to four years’ experience earn around C$12.55 to C$20.51 per hour. Those who are working in Ontario make C$12.55 to C$21.84 an hour.

    A medical assistant who doesn’t hold the CMA designation earns around C$23,688 to C$50,161 a year. The hourly rate for non-certified assistants is C$11.08 to C$21.76 per hour.

    CMA salary in Australia

    In Australia, the average salary for a medical assistant is AU$26,670 to AU$56,519 per year. The average CMA salary though is about AU$50,000, according to PayScale.

    CMA salary in the UK

    The CMA salary in the UK is around £13,900 to £17,000 per year. PayScale has reported a median salary of about £15,450 a year for a medical assistant and about £32,999 for a Certified Medical Assistant.

    CMA salary in South Africa

    A salary survey in Africa showed that the average salary of someone working as an administrative assistant, where medical assistants belong to, is around 12,110 ZAR. This is higher than the average salary of those who are in reception/administration/secretarial positions, which is about 11,504 ZAR. On the average, the average salary for all the jobs in South Africa is actually 26,698 ZAR.

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    How to become a CMA

    To become a CMA (certified medical assistant), one needs a high school diploma or GED to be accepted into entry-level positions in the industry. High school science classes, such as biology, anatomy, and chemistry are important. Due to the nature of their work, medical assistants also need good people skills, strong analytical skills, and attention to detail.

    New medical assistants are usually trained by a more experienced staff member, usually a senior medical assistant or a physician. This may take several months and include training on medical jargon, office practices, and handling of patients. Trainee medical assistants are also taught how to deal with medical records properly.

    There are formal programs in medical assisting though, which are offered by vocational schools and colleges and usually take a year. Associate degrees may be offered by some community colleges and take about two years.

    Certification exams are offered by the AAMA, the National Healthcareer Association, the American Medical Technologists, and the National Center for Competency Testing. Each association gives different certifications and designations though.

    Conclusion about CMA salary

    CMA salary varies from state to state and also huge influence have year of experience of CMA. According to the BLS, the mean annual salary for medical assistants, both certified and non-certified, is $30,550 per year. The top 10% earn around $41,570, while the lower 10% make only around $21,080 a year.

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