Medical office manager salary

  • Medical office manager is also called as healthcare administrators or healthcare executives. Their main duties include guiding, planning, and monitoring all the services offered in clinical centers. They may manage a specific department or oversee the maintenance of the healthcare facility. Since their duties require 24/4 attention, medical office manager also works night shifts and weekends. They might be on call even when they’re not in the office. They are compensated with an average medical office manager’s salary of $98,000 per year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also projected a 22% growth rate for the professionals in this field. Keep reading for more info about medical office manager salary.

  • What Does a Medical Office Manager Do

    Medical office manager is responsible for improving the efficiency and the quality of the services offered by the healthcare facility. Due to the changing nature of the healthcare industry, they have to make sure that they are up to date on the laws and regulations that concern the facility they are managing. They also manage assistant administrators, which is especially true in a large facility. These managers are paid the relatively salary that they are getting because it’s a part of their job description to manage the facility’s finances. They also manage the work schedules of the staff members. Medical office manager also attends governing boards or investor meetings on behalf of the facility. To ensure that everyone is receiving proper care, they organize the facility’s services and record them properly. They also collaborate with department heads and medical staff members.

    How much does a medical office manager make ?

    Average medical office salary

    The average medical office manager’s  salary in the US is about $98,460 per year, while their hourly wage is roughly $47.34 per hour, according to the BLS’ Occupational Employment and Wages report.

    Medical office manager salary in the USA

    In the US, the average medical office manager’s  salary ranges from $28,066 to $61,907 per year. Their median salary, according to PayScale, is about $41,763. The basic salary is around $31,551 to $63,578, while some employers give a bonus of up to $4,498 and profit shares of $200.89 to $8,081.

    The medical office manager with less than a year of experience is around $30,201 to $51,521 per year. A manager with up to four years’ experience earns $29,195 to $53,150 per year; one who has five to nine years’ experience takes home $29,606 to $60,746; and an office manager with ten to 19 years’ experience gets an annual salary of $36,033 to $65,155. The medical office manager’s salary for one with 20+ experience is about $33,520 to $69,455 per year.

    According to the BLS, the top paying industries for medical and health services managers, to which medical office managers are grouped with, include computer systems design and related services industry that pays $146,160 and pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing that pays $142,210 per year. The other industries in the top paying list are drugs and druggists’ sundries merchant wholesalers that pay around $136,690; navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments manufacturing that pays $135,500; and data processing, hosting, and related services industry that pays their managers $134,280 per year.

    medical office manager salary in US,UK and CAN
    medical office manager salary

    Medical office manager salary by state in the USA

    The BLS reported that the state that paid the highest medical office manager’s salary is New York, which pays $114,550 per year. This is followed by California, where manager receives a salary about $113,810; Connecticut that pays $111,680; Rhode Island that pays $110,930; and New Jersey that pays $110,340 per year.

    The list of top paying metropolitan areas is led by San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, where the medical office manager’s salary is around $133,390 per year. The other states in the list are Lawrence-Methuen-Salem, MA-NH-Necta area that pays medical office managers about $132,740; Reading, PA that pays $128,240; Santa Cruz-Watsonville, CA that pays $125,590; and Medford, OR that pays $125,160 per year.

    Medical office manager salary in Canada

    The average medical office manager’s salary in Canada is about C$31,327 to C$58,541 per year. The median salary for the medical office manager is about C$44,360. These medical office managers make around C$14.80 to C$24.77 per hour. Those who work overtime earn C$39.85 while some of them take home C$4,041.

    Based on experience, medical office manager makes from  C$32,000 to C$51,923 per year if they only have one to four years’ experience, while those with 10 to 19 years’ experience earn C$44,121 to C$59,495. The medical office manager’s salary for someone with over 20 years’ experience is around C$45,000 to C$60,000 per year.

    Medical office manager who is working in British Columbia receives an annual salary of around C$42,302 to C$59,665. On the other hand, the medical office manager’s salary for those working in Ontario is about C$41,905 to C$50,565 per year.

    Medical office manager salary in Australia

    According to PayScale, the medical office manager’s salary in Australia ranges from AU$39,580 to AU$67,352 per year. Their hourly rate is AU$19.40 to AU$30.52 per hour, while the overtime pay may reach up to AU$40.69 per hour. Bonuses of up to AU$4,000 may also be provided by some employers.

    For medical office manager with one to four years’ experience, he receives an hourly wage of AU$17.28 to AU$25.16, while those with over 20 years in the business earn around AU$20.35 to AU$30 per hour.

    The medical office manager’s salary for those who are working in New South Wales earn around AU$21.15 to AU$30; those who are in Victoria make AU$18.28 to AU$27.56; and those whose offices are based in Queensland get AU$22.20 to AU$25.75 per year.

    Medical office manager salary in the UK

    In the UK, the average salary for medical office manager is around £16,286 to £41,362 per year, while their median pay is about £20,693. They receive a basic salary of around £12,255 to £39,149 but some employers provide bonuses of up to £4,000. Medical office manager with five to nine years of experience earns £19,002 to £28,250 per year. Those who choose to work in the medical device industry make £18,739 to £24,000. Permanent manager receives a salary of about £18,963 to £39,732.

    Medical office manager salary in South Africa

    A medical office manager in South Africa is about R129,200 to R208,648 per year. The medical office manager’s salary for those who choose to work in private practice is about R70,835 to R186,857. Permanent managers also make R175,665 to R195,334.

    PayScale reports also showed that the annual salary for office managers in medical and dental offices in the country ranges from R90,000 to R223,725 a year, with the median salary being R157,544.

    Medical office manager salary in New Zealand

    Medical office manager’s salary is comparable to that of a medical office manager’s salary in Australia. In New Zealand, medical office manager earns around NZ$37,490 to NZ$61,359 per year. They have a basic salary of about NZ$38,769 to NZ$62,627, although some might receive bonuses of NZ$5,106.

    Office managers who works in Christchurch earn around NZ$37,493 to NZ$68,467, while those in Auckland make NZ$38,907 to NZ$64,231. Managers whose offices are based in Wellington and Hamilton have almost the same salary of about NZ$38,461 to NZ$59,764 and NZ$42,000 to NZ$58,000, respectively.

    Established medical office manager with more than 20 years of experience receives an annual salary of NZ$36,676 to NZ$58,000 per year, while those who are relatively new with one to four years’ experience make around NZ$38,566 to NZ$55,592.

    Medical office manager salary in India

    The average medical office manager’s salary in India is based on the salary for an office manager. Medical office manager earns around Rs132,836 to Rs1,069,187 per year. They get a median salary of about Rs426,785. Their basic salary is around Rs122,237 to Rs985,327, but some managers also get bonuses of up to Rs148,940 and profit shares of about Rs969,580.

    How to become a medical office manager

    To become a medical office manager, one needs to have an undergraduate degree. However, large medical practices may require a master’s degree, such as a Master’s or MBA in healthcare administration, business administration, public administration, or public health.

    The typical courses included in health administration programs are accounting and budgeting, hospital organization and management, human resources administration, law and ethics, strategic planning, health information systems, and health economics. Graduate programs may take two to three years plus a year of supervised administrative experience.

    Some employers don’t require medical office managers to be certified, though it helps a lot to have one.

    Medical office manager may obtain a certification and use the designation of Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM). Some may also become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC).

    Conclusion about medical office manager salary

    The average medical office manager salary is about $98,460 per year, or roughly $47.34 per hour. The top 10% make around $150,560, while the lower 10% earn only $53,940 per year

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