Healthcare Salaries

Welcome, this healthcare project called Healthcare salaries is focused on healthcare salary information of healthcare professionals and occupations in USA, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Australia.  All salary data you can find on this website are up to date and all come from respected sources i.e. U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics or American Medical Association etc.  This is  the only way how we can provide high quality and independent salary survey with detailed salary information for hundreds of healthcare occupations such as physicians, medical assistants, nurses, trainers, healthcare administration careerstherapists, medical technicians and technologists, other allied  health professionals and many more.

Did you ever asked yourself: „ How much does a  family practitioner, anesthesiologist, radiologist, psychologistdentistpharmacist, ultrasound technician, registered nurse, phlebotomist, therapist or general surgeon make ?“. Well, if your answer is YES, you are on the right place.

Salary of doctors, physicians, nurses and allied health proffesionals

What effects every healthcare salary ?

There are many factors that effect how much do different special careers in healthcare make.  If you want to reach best paid jobs in healthcare, the most important factor is always education. People always entrust their life and health to somebody who is educated, with experiences and recommendations. You cant get these recommendations or experiences without proper education.  Sometime is necessary to go on college or visit a course or training.  Without proper education, you just cant practise. If you get degree on medical school, special certification or  get through various trainings , you will be definitely more satisfied with your salary. Thats why we provide not only salary information for every healthcare profession, but you can find here description of every career and education that is needed and how much more get paid people with some extra education.

Another very important factor that effects healthcare salaries is the place where healthcare career is practised. Geographical area should not be underestimated. Physicians from Texas have different salaries than their collegues from small town in Alabama or celebrity plastic surgeons from California. You can find all these state to state salary comparisons for every healthcare career here . We also compare different salaries in different countries for every healthcare career. Different salary for similar profession is definitely main reason why people decide to move thousands of miles for new job. This is known as „Doctor Migration“. How much we get paid always matters and sometimes we are just curious about how much money earn other people. You can also calculate your salary or salary of your dream job with our salary calculator.

Conclusion about Healthcare Salaries 

After all you can be a good trader and you can make great money without special trading education and skills, but in healthcare there is no doubt that you cant be a phlebotomist, nurse practitioner or cardiologist without proper education. And there will be always pacients that must be treated and also sick people with variety of health issues.  And we believe that there is no doubt that healthcare professions are widely respected among people all around the world. This is what makes healthcare salaries and careers different and much more stable than other ones. Physician salary is definitely one of the highest that one can earn. And if your are interesting in another sector (legal, business, IT, engineering, construction and many more)  and also interested in salaries and educational requirements, visit, they provide these data for free.